Where Can You Pick Up 1,000g Items Lying Around On The Ground?

You can fish up items worth over 1,000g right now in Broken Isles.

Not technically “lying around on the ground” but you do simply need to click to loot.

These prices are not going to hold so you need to get in on this fast.


You need:

  • Fishing 700+
  • Access to at least 1 zone in Broken Isles


What do Do:

  • As soon as you hit Broken Isles, and enter (new) Dalaran for the first time, go straight down to the sewers/underbelly.  If PvA (player versus all) is turned on and the sewer guards are away, then you can purchase a bodyguard for 5g.
  • Go to the north of the sewers, where Madam Goya holds her Black Market Auction House. While you are there, check out the items!
  • Look around for GREEN swirls in the water.  Fish them until you receive an Emblem of Margoss 
  • Use the emblem and be teleported to Conjurer Margoss’ floating island.
  • Fish until you get 10+ Drowned Mana
  • Buy 10+ Arcane Lures




  • Take your Arcane Lures out to the zones in Broken Isles: Highmountain, Val’Sharah, Azsuna, Stormheim, Suramar.
  • Look for Schools of fish in the inland and coastal waters.
  • When you find one, pop your Arcane Lure and fish.

Note that it does not give you 100% chance, but increases your chance by 100%. so if you have 5% chance, you get 10% chance.


Rare Baits in the Broken Isles

You are looking for :


  • Salmon Lure
  • Frost Worm
  • Swollen Murloc Egg


  • Aromatic Murloc Slime
  • Pearlescent Conch
  • Rusty Queenfish Brooch


  • Rotten Fishbone
  • Nightmare Crawler
  • Drowned ThistleLeaf


  • Moose Horn Hook
  • Silverscale minnow
  • Ancient Vrykul Ring


  • Enchanted Lure
  • Demonic Detritus
  • Sleeping Murloc

Ocean/Coast Waters

  • Axefish Lure
  • Decayed Whale Blubber


How to sell the rare Legion fishing baits

Each of the baits are UNIQUE which means you can only have one at a time.  So when you fish one up, mail it across to your alt, preferably your bank alt.

If you don’t have a mounted Argent Squire/Gruntling, then pick up a cheap GUMM-E at your Small Engineering Building in your Warlords of Draenor Garrison.

AH prices are currently between 600g-2,000g.

You need to sell these ASAP before the price drops.


Why do these Legion baits/lures sell?

These baits are used to fish up the rare fish that are a requirement for the Legion Fishing Pole / Fishing Rod Artifact “The Underlight Angler“.

Underlight Angler

Image by Arganthe, used with permission

Need any more fishing guides? Check out www.legion-gold.com where I’m currently writing the world’s biggest and best Warcraft Gold Guide. Good luck, let me know how you get on.

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  1. Catherine Brody
    Catherine Brody says:

    Saving this to bookmarks, so when I get fishing 700, I can do this stuff and try, Last auction house sells i had netted me 4,000 gold in just a few hours of regular fishing & selling everything I got..

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Don’t leave it too late! and once you have your artifact you’ll be wanting to keep extra baits for yourself, as those rare fish give you +artifact power to the underlight angler

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