• Cured Rugged Hide
  • Cured Thick Hide
  • Cured Heavy Hide
  • Cured Medium Hide
  • Cured Light Hide

A reminder to Leatherworkers

A small but steady amount of gold can be earned in the World of Warcraft Auction House by buying uncured hides, purchasing salt from leatherworking suppliers, and selling the cured hides on the Auction House.

My main character has been a leatherworker since 2000-and-mumble, before raiding was even invented.  In vanilla World of Warcraft, the cooldown on the deeprock salt shaker was 4 days, the same as the mooncloth creation cooldown. Timing your Cured Rugged Hide was as important as timing your Dreamcloth tailoring cooldown today.   When something is important like that, you don’t forget it easily.

There are 5 “Cured Hide” types, listed above. Thick Hide, Heavy Hide, Medium Hide and Light Hide take normal Salt which you can buy from the leatherworking supplier at about 40c each. Incidently, salt also sells on its own in the AH for up to 75s each.  Some guys still are too lazy to go to the vendors.

Cured Rugged Hide takes Refined Deeprock Salt, which can be refined using a Salt Shaker.

Engineers, check the cost of the materials for a Salt Shaker, and the prices on AH for the crafted item.  Is it worth making?  Is there a gap in the market which you can fill?

In every case, the price of salt + uncured hide is less than the value of a cured hide.  Where this isn’t the case, it’s usually in a situation where a cured hide is a volatile price, fluctuating wildly with a large spread.  When the prices are volatile, it’s simply a matter of patience for the price to rise to a profitable level in a few days.

If you’re a leatherworker

Don’t ignore the cured hides in your quest for huge profits from crafting Up To Date armors.  Never turn your nose up at a good solid profit.  This is one market which you could completely own on your server.


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