Why You Will Be Fishing All Day in Battle for Azeroth

Fish are gold in Battle for Azeroth

Whenever you have ten minutes of ‘down time’ in BfA, you will be fishing


Vendor Fish

The Burning Crusade Warcraft Veterans will remember this fish:

images from wowhead

Good News, expensive vendor fish are back! 50g each this time.

U’taka are fished from schools that spawn near Dazar’alor

Rasboralus look as if they spawn from similar schools in Proudmoore Keep, Boralus.


Battle for Azeroth Fish in Cooking

Right now on the BfA Beta, Cooking is behaving oddly.

In order to cook low level food, you need fish in two ways

  1. Fish in raw fished up form as straight cooking mats
  2. Aromatic Fish Oil, created by using a fish.
Great Sea Catfish

Great Sea Catfish. Use to create oil.

Aromatic Fish Oil, cooking ingredient

Aromatic Fish Oil cooking ingredient


Grilled Catfish requires raw Great Sea Catfish

Grilled Catfish requires raw Great Sea Catfish

Aromatic Fish Oil, Sugar, and Honey!?


How Cooking Affects BfA Fishing

With fish being required in double amounts, once for fish flesh, and once for fish oil, fish will be in double demand.

Gold Makers know what happens to the price of an item when the demand doubles.

Here comes the tweetable!

[bctt tweet=”Fish prices to soar in Battle for Azeroth? I’m prepping already.” username=”thegoldqueen”]


Battle for Azeroth Fishing, the Early Days


That said, I do have some advice for you in your first few Battle for Azeroth days:

Save your [Frenied Fangtooth] for later in the game, and the raiding [Bountiful Captain’s Feast] food.

Fish your [Lane Snapper] up immediately and use them to cook [Spiced Snapper] to level up your cooking.


Underlight Angler

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said in the Developer Q&A last November

“The current plans is to carry The Underlight Angler forward but we’ll see how it unfolds.”

[Editor: a folding Underlight Angler!?]


Fisherfriend News

Wowhead has advice for you on Fisherfriend of the Isles

Similarly, Fisherfriend of the Isles is much easier to do in a group since with enough people the rate of acquiring special items (that last for 2 minutes) increases dramatically. Doing this achievement after Legion will be hard since interested people will likely be focused on current content. Completing this achievement unlocks the hidden appearance for your Underlight Angler, with Underlight Emerald. Completing each step of the achievement, which requires you to reach Exalted with each Fisherfriend, allows you to purchase special toy lures and pets. More details in the Legion Fishing Guide.


Question for You

Are you going to be maxing out your Underlight Angler before Battle for Azeroth?


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  1. Rocio
    Rocio says:

    hi! i need to know, i still don’t have the underlight angler.will be possible to obtain it in BfA? or i have to obtain it now and then just sum up ap?

    thanks for your answer

  2. Gin
    Gin says:

    Helloes, i think there was a recent change that aromatic fish oil is a vendor ingredient now, can be found at cooking vendors etc so you won’t need to fish for that unless its drastically cheaper but atm 10 fish oil are 2gold 5silver from vendor so that sounds highly unlikely

    • Gold Dragon
      Gold Dragon says:

      TGD here.

      Thanks for the comment. With Beta, each new build could have changed to what’s available with the vendor. So that was a great catch (get it, fish oil, catch)

      We really don’t know what will be available when BFA goes live so it still wouldn’t hurt players to be prepared to fish their little hearts out.

      Still thanks for the comment. It is very much appreciated.


    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Gin
      Aromatic fish oil was a crafting reagent in an earlier beta build and changed now and only available in 1-2 places that presumably are an oversight.

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