Disenchanting Level 60 Epic BoEs for Brilliant Shards


Since Patch 7.3.5, disenchanting level 60 epics gives 3-5 Large Brilliant Shards plus some Rich illusion dust or Greater Eternal Essence.

I’m getting my Large Brilliant Shards (4x15g=60g) from buying BoE Molten Core level 60 epics at 4g-30g each

Check your own Auction House now and see if you can profit from Large Brilliant Shard disenchanting.



Search your auction house with the default UI, searching weapons>armor, level range 60-60, rarity Epic and order “price per unit” to minimum each.  Then just pick off the profitable!


What to do with your Large Brilliant Shards

You can sell them raw on the auction house

Or craft them into enchanting scrolls. Here are a couple of my favourites that use Large Brilliant Shard

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