The servers just went down in Europe and this new patch brings me a whole host of new opportunities.  Some opportunities will be lost, like my reliable old gem business, but the first few days of 4.01 are going to net me a small fortune.

Glyph Changes

Here is a brief summary of the glyph changes. For us gold makers it means one thing: A massive surge of interest in glyphs in the first few days of the patch, tailing off over time. Which is why I spent this week crafting over 4,000 glyphs!


Server’s Down!

I spent the last few seconds on my server ploughing them into the AH on long buy out. I set a high price, several times that of the other sellers, as an incentive for other glyph sellers to price high, and earn lots of shiny gold.   I decided to start posting them early, to get in just before everyone else did.  Leading the way, rather than following.  I was very glad that I did, because they immediately started selling at 45g each, even before the patch has hit!


I still have not managed to post more than half of my glyph stock on the AH and already they’re flying off the shelves! I am so very excited about the coming opportunities in the next few days.

45g x 4000 = a potential 180,000g

For those of you that noticed in the image that my auction house char only has 94g, that is because I keep my gold on another char, otherwise I will spend it all! heh.