Markco is the writer of 20k Leveling Gold guide, and a famous world of warcraft gold making expert.  In spite of making a decision earlier this year to stop playing WoW, Markco’s 20k Leveling Gold Guide remains completely up to date. He recently made a vow to return to the virtual-economic game with the release of Diablo 3 real money Auction House in the future.

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I asked Markco some quick questions about 20k Leveling and got some intriguing answers…

Hi Markco, thanks for taking the time to answer some quick questions about 20k Leveling Gold Guide for my readers. The Gold Queen readers are big fans of 20k Leveling.

What is it about 20k Leveling Gold Guide that seems to generate such loyal fans?

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 Hey Gold Queen, thanks for the opportunity to answer these questions. For this first one, let me just state the fact that 20k Leveling buyers never stop coming back to the guide. They know that the guide is frequently updated for free and filled with useful content for each patch and even expansion. I’d say that is the biggest draw to a 20k Leveling purchase, especially since many guides charge you monthly or for updates without warning you that they are planning to do so. There are 20k Leveling guide holders who have had the same frequently updated guide for two plus years.

You’re famous for your PvP achievements in world of warcraft. WoW marks these achievements with special mounts. They don’t mark the Gold Gaming achievements in the same way. I’d like to see them implement a special mount for gold makers, a shield carried by gnomes, in the Asterix The Gaul chieftain style LOL. What similar reward would you like to have seen for your Gold Gaming?

Speech BubbleI think that hitting a million gold should allow you to place an owned flag on an auction house npc for 10 minutes. Players who attempt to interact with the NPC get a debuff called “Poor” for 30 minutes unless they have 500,000+ gold in their bags. Persists through death.

What inspired you to start writing 20k leveling, and who is it aimed for?

Speech BubbleGreat question. 20k Leveling was inspired by the dozens of emails I was receiving per day on how to use the auction house, beat competition, and/or find farming strategies. I was literally spending an hour every day answering the questions and eventually I said to myself:

“Self, these people would rather have a guide than an email attempting to solve all their problems in a paragraph.”

That was the inspiration in a nutshell. It’s aimed to help players who were originally emailing me for help. Now they can buy a huge compilation of strategies created thanks to all the questions that I still receive to this day.

Lots of my readers already know a little about gold gaming, but don’t have a fully-rounded education. They’re self-taught. How does 20k Leveling help them?

Speech Bubble20k Leveling fills in the gaps in their education, going over misconceptions they might have as well as grounding them in core principles that have never changed in the World of Warcraft economy. Many of these strategies are timeless and have persisted throughout multiple versions of the guide. There are addon walkthroughs for the latest and greatest player created tools as well as online databases and other nifty things created to help auctioneers pwn the ah.

What is it about 20k Leveling that makes it such a timeless favourite?

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Woops, I sort of answered that question with the previous answer, but I’ll add some more of my thoughts on the matter. For starters, 20k Leveling is grounded on economic principles that do not change. Second, the team of writers for 20k Leveling are always looking for new strategies to give buyers an edge on the auction house. Consistent updates that deliver in terms of quality and value are what buyers have come to expect from 20k Leveling.

What did you enjoy the most about creating 20k leveling, and did you discover anything new in the process?

Speech BubbleI’m very proud of the team writing for this expansive volume now and am so grateful for the fans who have showed their appreciation for our work on 20k Leveling. I’ve discovered something very unexpected… a community of over 6,000 buyers. Maybe we can get The Gold Queen to write a chapter for us some day? Thanks for asking the questions, I had a lot of fun answering them.


Did you learn anything new about 20k Leveling Guide?  I learned that Markco’s gold guide was born from answering questions from world of warcraft players, which is similar to how the Gold Queen was started. 20k Leveling is no longer available to buy (2012 onwards)


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