You guys are people to me, not data.  Your privacy is important.  No-one enjoys being spammed with crap in their email box, or having their personal information misused.



I ask for your email address in comments so I can tell that you’re a real person, not a bot, and your email address will not be shared.  I will only pass it to anyone else with your written express permission, if for example you have won a competition and your prize needs to be mailed to you. Your email address will remain hidden in the comment, although your name and URL will be seen by other readers.


Mailing List:

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Aweber handles our email list administration.  If you sign up to receive the free ebook and the free blog updates by email, you can read the Aweber Privacy Policy. You will receive emails that I write to you, sent with Aweber technology.  These will be the agreed blog updates information plus exclusive content that is only for my email list.  These may include promotions, information on other ways to read the blog (such as twitter updates).  The Gold Queen will not send you emails from anyone else.

I will not give or sell your information to anyone else.  Your information is kept in strict confidence.



The Gold Queen uses a cookie to remember your preferences for the sidebar tabbed content, whether you want to see popular posts, recent comments or the archive.  The cookie has a short expiry time of 1/2 a day.



Do not contact me asking to “buy my list”, as I will never do this. It is against my terms of privacy, and a breech of my ethics.