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Mists of Pandaria Prices

Mists of Pandaria Prices

Fluctuating Mists of Pandaria Prices

Prices on the Auction house for basic Mists of Pandaria items are in flux.  Basically we have massive demand, matched with massive supply of basics (ghost iron ore, green tea leaf, exotic leather), yet very small supply of high-skilled crafted items (living steel, level 90 gear, flasks)


Price Tracking

If you’re finding it hard to keep track of your server prices whilst WoWuction and The Undermine Journal get up to speed, then let your addons take the strain.  If you use Auctioneer, then regular scans and Market Watcher can help you track prices.  If Trade Skill Master is your addon of choice, you no longer need to do regular scans.  The TSM app sits on your desktop and feeds hourly data to your addon.


Marcus Ty



Now is the best time to decide to make Mists of Pandaria your expansion.

Start your gold-making ambition with a gold guide.  

Marcus Ty’s guide is much bigger, and more comprehensive than my Teen’s Gold mini Guide.  I chat with him on twitter and he’s actually a pretty nice, smart guy. (NotABot!)  Have a look to see if his is the right guide for you.

Marcus says:

“I’ve Sweated Hours At The Keyboard So You Don’t Have To

So I set myself the task of learning all I could about the game mechanics of gold creation. How gold cycles through the game; the pivotal roles played by the Auction house and the Professions. I slowly dissected the inner-most workings of the wow gold economy.

By understanding the wow gold economy I found that I could predict the buying and selling cycles that occurred in the game. Slowly, but surely, I began to make gold. A little at first – 1-2k a playing session – and then larger amounts – until I had the gold for my epic chopper mount.

I sought out other like-minded players who had the same fascination with the workings of the gold economy. We exchanged ideas on the best best gold making strategies for the Auction House and for each of the Professions.

I collected, dissected and digested the very best of these strategies and together with my understanding of the wow gold economy created my Journal series of guides. Not just a random collection of hints and tips but a complete gold making system, structured into self-contained and illustrated guides.”


About the Author The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With most classes at level 85+, 6 years experience in making gold and using professions. No longer gold capped, she blew 1,100,000g in one April weekend for her dream Swift Spectral Tiger and other end game epic gear. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using legit ethical trading, auction house, crafting, reselling, and farming gold making.


  1. A gold guide with decent graphic design is always a relief to see about. I’ve seen some pretty… terrible-looking ones floating about in my day. ;_;

  2. is it me or all gold blogs hidden promotion for gold guides or the like?

    • There are lots of fake gold blogs, especially those that steal our content (articles, posts) and repost them pretending to be real people, that are made by people who just want to make a quick buck out of people looking to buy gold guides. They make me shudder.

      I don’t hide anything, 80% of my everything is free. However, it is a part-time business for me, and I feel I am allowed to slip in the occasional advert to make enough money back to pay for hosting etc. Marcus Ty’s guide is a new guide, which I thought readers might like to check out. If you choose to make a purchase, it will help towards my running costs. There’s no charge to look!


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