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Gold Speed Run Launches!

Have you heard about the Gold Speed Run?

It might just be the most fun you can have in WoW right now… at least until the the final battle with Deathwing arrives.

I’m proud to share this ADVERT with you because I actually helped Jon with making this fun guide !

Check it out here:

Short story: gold guru Jonathan Kenins has come up with the fastest and most entertaining way to make Gold in WoW that has ever been devised.

It’s a complete self-contained game focused on making enormous amounts of gold at lightning speed. You play it live, in-game, as a challenge going head-to-head vs other Speed Runners.

Best thing is: you not only have a lot of fun doing the Speed Run, you also learn how to make big gold anytime you want… using the high-powered methods Jon reveals to members of his exclusive Gold Speed Run insiders’ club.

Jon is running a new Gold Speed Run live in-game challenge starting next week. And he’s preparing the way with a series of preview videos that tell all!

Get the videos here:

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the gold queen

P.S. Entries in the Gold Speed Run are strictly limited and available first-come, first-served. Make sure you get on the early bird list (sign up for the preview videos) to get first crack!

P.p.s this isn’t wow crusher. This is good.


  1. Yeah those teamspeak guys are crazy :P

  2. I’m a bot?

  3. Im getting excited :P This time im going all out in the single faction dont want to make the same mistakes as last time :)

    • Oh yeah buddy ? Want a trouncing? *smile* * flex*

  4. Hey funny, that’s how it has worked for the last few years, a fun game of making the most gold possible in 30 days starting from scratch.

    This guide is a huge how-to for those who want to get super serious about the race. From the same-old basics of which Alts to roll and where, through to finding the most efficient combination of limited supply items and which commodities sell for double investment.

    The best part of the speed run, which we last had in march, is fighting it out with the other gold gamers

    • Did I mention the forums, the daily archives for the last 3 years or the teamspeak access straight to Jon kenins during the run? That’s good stuff from a good guy.

      • If its something you’re interested in, I don’t think the idea is patented, just organise a speed run. You might need a set of rules, a bunch of competitors, some way of communicating and of keeping score. The hundreds of hours of movies in the gold speed run are only a guide, you can make your own guidelines if you did it yourself.

  5. sounds like a scam would stay long away from this

    • Hell no. I spent most of October helping put this together and not only is it run by one of the most genuine nice guys in gold gaming, he has daily proof of every single transaction and you can watch right over his shoulder as he shows you how to do it too.

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