What Would You Do If You Discovered Warcraft Players Were Saving For A Special Occasion?

They are.

Everyone is saving their gold, trying to reach a particular goal.

Everyone wants n thousand gold or x million gold BEFORE LEGION.

But the question is not “how do I get these people to give me their gold instead of hoarding it”

The question is what happens when Legion hits?

When Legion is released, these players, who have saved thousands or millions of gold, are ready to spend it.


[bctt tweet=”The first days, and months of Legion expansion are the best gold making times in WoW. ” username=”thegoldqueen”]


The first days, weeks and about 3 months of the Legion expansion are the best gold making times in game.

Lothar and Garona argue about how much gold they need for Legion

Lothar and Garona argue about how much gold they need for Legion

Should you wait until Legion?


If you can make gold during the lean times, you can make even more during the fat times.

So what should you do?

  1. Make gold now.  Pump your garrison for as much gold as possible before it is nerfed.  Milk it.
  2. Prepare for Legion.  Research it. Practice new skills that you will need, such as crafting or gathering. Get excited.

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Keep reading for more about Legion!

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    hello again gold queen 😀 i want to ask something my liege. i know this can be an annoyance 🙁

    can you please check in legion alpha if the tradepost still buys savage blood for gold and for how much?

    and the same for the bag of gold (which cost resources) and how many gold it gives?

    thanks 😀 (i think it will be easily soloable to do the elite farming)

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