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  1. We have all the expansions farms, from a guide for World of Warcraft Classic, to Battle for Azeroth gold farming routes.
  2. Beginner gold farmer, to pro gold maker and AH goblin.
  3. You can learn all the addons, from basic TSM (Trade Skill Master) to the postal addons, Handynotes and Auctioneer.  Plus, other addons you never even heard before.
  4. We have transmog farms, and transmog shopping lists and groups for TSM3, TSM4, and Auctionator.
  5. We’ll teach you the secrets of the Auction House.
  6. Want your goldfarming easy, lazy or fast?  Lets get into practical advice.  We’ll take the Warcraft patches and expansions and rip them apart.
  7. Whether you want TSM Operations and TSM strings, or you want Auctionator Snatch Lists. We got it.
  8. Earn your Warcraft gold cap and join the Spectral Tigers Owners Club. Or perhaps you want the Brutosaur?

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