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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2005, and have lots of level 85s. I’m proud to be a guild leader on a EU server. I get my kicks from making a lot of gold in the Auction House. After 6 years of playing WoW I know all about making gold and the strategies, addons and techniques. I have 11,000+ achievement points, over 1 million gold, 132 rare mounts, 162 mini pets, 42 cool titles, and 760+days /played time.

The Gold Queen was founded in 2010 to bring you you pro world of warcraft gold news; showing you how to make more WoW gold with regular updates; teaching you the WoW gold making skills you need to stay ahead of the other players.

There are hundreds of articles in the archives, so so I put this page together to guide you through some of the best posts.

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