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Gordok Ogre Suits (again) 380g Profit

Gordok Ogre Suits (again) 380g Profit

Gordok Ogre Suit

Materials Cost 19g 21s

Selling Price 400g.

Gordok Ogre Suit costs under 20g to craft according to Lil Sparky’s Workshop, 24g to craft according to the Undermine Journal.  It’s an item I’ve written about before, because it’s a great fun item, that sells only occasionally, when promoted in trade channel or otherwise. If you have lots of suits to spare, then activating one, and dancing in the AH and yelling in trade channel will get you a lot of fast sales!

You need skill 275 in Leatherworking or Tailoring. If you don’t have the pattern from before Cataclysm, you can make a Gordek Ogre Suit by taking the Ogre Tanin back to Knot Thimblejack in Dire Maul to complete the repeatable quest.

Dire Maul

The item is rare, not because it’s difficult to make, but because very few people run Dire Maul. Dire Maul used to be an alternative end game pre-raid dungeon where you could pick up armor to see you through to raiding Molten Core, if you didn’t want to farm Scholomance/Stratholme / Upper Blackrock Spire.  A Dire Maul North Tribute Run was a popular dungeon where you killed the King Ogre, and were declared King of the Gordok Ogres.  You had to avoid killing the Ogre Captains through a few avoidance strategies.  A tribute run had better loot than a normal run.

Sorry, Realm!

I laughed to see the buyers of my Gordok Ogre suit all ogred-up, with elixir of giant growth, dancing in my Auction House.  They were enough advertisement for me!

Did you ever have the Gordok Ogre Suit pattern?  Have you sold any on AH?  What sort of price?

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  1. I see some Dire Maul runs in my future. 😀

    • Oh just one or two occasionally to break the monotony of the shuffle or inferno-ruby mass sell :)


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