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I made a thousand gold by accident

I made a thousand gold by accident

Oops I had a little accident with my gold

I remember posting my fel iron bolts up on the AH, along with a whole bunch of other engineering stuff that I no longer needed.  I don’t remember how much I posted it for, it was one of my “just get rid of it” undercutting items.   However messy my home is, I like to keep my handbag clean and tidy, so I was just putting up extra items in the hope of making more gold than vendoring them.   Undercut the nearest seller, move on to the next item asap, time is money friend.

I didn’t expect it to sell.

I didn’t expect it to sell for nearly a thousand gold.

10 days later, I logged on my neglected engineer.  I only log her occasionally to make some Engineering Pets to supply my Pet Shop AH alt. And there it was, a sale.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I guess this is karmic payback for when I accidently posted my Chelley’s Staff for 1.8k instead of 18k.  I’ve left the name of the buyer on the image so you can see it’s not me buying it from myself with a different account, or some gold seller or something.

Thank you, happy accident.

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ps coming soon: Guest Post by the famous and wonderful Mageshadow from JMTC and Gnomish Coin.  Excited!


  1. Handful of Fel Iron, Cobalt and Obsidium Bolts have all been very surprising sellers for me the last 5 or 6 months. All sell for between 13-17g each. I keep the AH stocked and people always buy them.

  2. Recently I got my alt rogue to 84 since I could see the end in sight I took her to the nearest city and purchased ” unheeded warning (sp) 4.5k”. Since I didn’t want to have the item in my bag while I went around and picked some herbs or bg’d, I put it back on the ah for 15k

    A day or so later I defending a tower in av when I saw the msg a “buyer has been found for….” I thought to myself no.. I needed that I’m almost 85.

    Since then I’ve been buying them and flipping them think that innital investment has netted me close to 35k. I’ve a similar story about a pet that I sold by accident but I’ll leave that for another day

    • Hi Trimble

      My luck has continued today, with a player selling his guild to me for 100g. It came with 3 bank tabs, which had some flasks, pots, netherweave cloth, sanguine hibiscus, gems, and raw meat. Pretty sure I made a few hundred on the contents alone.

      My lucky day, huh?

      Super grats on your Unheeded Warning flipping profits!


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