With this guide you can make use of a World Quest that shows up in Bastion [Drought Conditions]. This world quest is in Bastion just north of Hero’s Rest. If you come to this area when the WQ is inactive, you won’t find the mobs you need.

During Drought Conditions, Emaciated Etherwyrms and Insatiable Emberwyrms spawn endlessly in this area, which is also filled with players completing their world quest. The majority of these players then leave the leather on the ground for you to skin.

Skinning the Wyrms gives

  • Desolate Leather
  • Pallid Bone
  • Callous Hide
  • Heavy Desolate Leather
  • Heavy Callous Hide

Heavy Callous Hide, for example, is currently over 1,000g on the AH. Please expect it to drop as more Drought Conditions skinners bring their wares to the AH. For the reason why it costs so much, scroll down to Step 4.

Step 1: Farming

This is a nice tidy farming area for any skinner, and a good place for you to level your skinning however we are going to go much deeper in this.

It helps to have a Worgen skinner who is also a druid with travel form, mighty bash, and wild charge. This means you can

  • Skin faster
  • Skin in travel form
  • Get to corpses faster
  • Wild leap away from annoying mobs faster
  • Leap from corpse to corpse scooping up leftovers and putting them in your pockets
  • The faster you run, the faster you get the valuable leather

You can use the leather to either skill up your newly dinged leatherworker, or you can use it to craft items for a shuffle.

GLOSSARY A shuffle is when you take an item and do repeated actions to it, increasing its value with each step,
to finish with item/s that are worth considerably more than the initial item.

Step 2: Leatherworking

Players are currently only crafting Shadebound and Shadowscale items as part of their rush to level up their leatherworking. If you take a look at TSM you can instantly see that they’re not profitable, and Desolate Armor Kits are more valuable. If making instant gold is your thing, you might want to investigate making these armor kits for the AH. Alternatively, on with the shuffle!

Tip: When you’re crafting your items, remember that [Penumbra Thread] is a vendor item and its cost varies according to reputation. You can buy it in Orgrimmar or Stormwind for 4g instead of 5g. That’s 200 thread for 800g instead of 1000g. Don’t want to waste your hearthstone? Use your Dalaran hearthstone instead.

Step 3: Disenchanting

Once you have your vast quantities of crafted leather items, send them across to your enchanting alt. Grab them out the mailbox. If you are using TSM your Destroy window should pop up. If it doesn’t, type /tsm destroy. Scoop up any others that you find on the AH listed for below the value of the enchanting materials. You can sell the dust and shards or send them on to your enchanting alt for the final step in the shuffle.

I still haven’t leveled all my characters so my enchanter is still level 50.

Step 4: Enchanting Scrolls

Last step in our shuffle is to craft enchanting scrolls.

You can see here that Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering costs 69g to craft, and currently sells for 60g. A 9g LOSS.

Not something I would want to craft for auctioning, but I could definitely use one or two of these for my alts for leveling their gathering professions!

Scan down your enchanting list and you might find you are having to (currently!) choose from either crafting for profit, or leveling your enchanting but taking a little loss. The enchantments I suggest you craft are:

  • Boots: Agile Soulwalker
  • Cloak: Fortified Leech and Fortified Speed
  • Gloves: Strength of Soul
  • Enchanted Elethium Bar
  • Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide (and we know where to get that heavy callous hide from!)
  • Enchanted Lightless Silk

The last three are so profitable that I advise you to take a small loss while leveling your enchanting (send the scrolls out to alts if you can’t bear to sell them so cheap on the AH) so that you can focus on these. Here’s a screenshot I saw on twitter from long time friend Faid of GoClockworkRiot.

Faid thinks a 2 million gold profit is a “fun day!” and I have to agree with her.

Hope you also have a fun day today,

Love from, Gold Queen

Goldqueen fase

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