Your Guide to the First 6 Hours in Kul Tiras and Zandalar


Before BfA release 

  1. Get one stack of flasks, three stacks of food,  empty your bags, head to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  2. Get on Discord for voice chat with me!
  3. Decide in which order to level your characters, entirely based on enjoyment, not on gold making.


First Hour in BfA

  1. Get your intro/s done.  Darnassus/Teldrassil, Lordaeron/Undercity, Stockades/Kul Tiras intro.
  2. Set your hearthstone at the the inn
  3. (Optional) Buy your Brutosaur mount
  4. Go the professions training area and learn your new professions.
  5. Head out into your first area.
  6. For Horde Gold Makers I recommend Vol’Dun
  7. For Alliance Gold Makers, I recommend Drustvar
  8. Both areas are full of resources.
  9. Follow the quest line and pick up any resources that you see along the route.
  10. Keep going as far as you can until you are close to the end of your hour.
  11. Make sure you have the flight path.


Second Hour in BfA

  1. Hearth back to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  2. Throw everything on the Auction House.
  3. Take a glass of water, and some energy giving food.
  4. Rest your eyes. Stretch your legs. Do some shoulder rolls.
  5. Learn where the scapper / scrapomatic is
  6. Get back to your quest line.
  7. Get as far as you can, picking up resources along the route.
  8. Make sure you have the flight path.

If you are a patreon make sure you have your copy of the gathering paths ready.

Follow the routes to get the maximum Anchor Weed, Storm Silver Ore, Tempest Hide and look for Midnight Salmon in your fishing catches.


Third Hour in BfA

  1. Hearth back to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  2. Throw everything on the Auction House.
  3. Do not bother to pick up your gold.
  4. Do not buy anything.
  5. Take a glass of water, and some energy giving food.
  6. Rest your eyes. Stretch your legs. Do some shoulder rolls.
  7. Switch to your first alt.  Do it now before you get too into the story, and the quests are fresh in your mind
  8. Learn your new professions on your second character
  9. Head out into the same zone with the same character and plough through the fields of excited friends
  10. Get as far as you can, picking up resources along the route.
  11. Make sure you have the flight path.


Fourth Hour in BfA

  1. Mail everything to your first character
  2. Leave your character at the nearest inn
  3. Switch back to the first character
  4. Pick up the items from the mail and hurl it all at the Auction House
  5. Look at starting to craft your first items. Look for +XP Gems and +Reputation Scrolls.
  6. Soon you will be unlocking the island expeditions and your mission table, but for now, focus on the gold making
  7. Take 15 minutes to check on the sales for your most expensive items only.  Whether they are mounts, rare BoEs, new materials.  15 minutes only
  8. #TimeIsMoneyFriend
  9. Get your water, snacks and stretches in.  Walk to the kitchen and back. Jog up and down the stairs twice. Blow a kiss to yourself in the mirror you sexy goldmaker you.


Fifth Hour in BfA

  1. It’s time to start concentrating.
  2. Do you want to level your main up to 120 asap?  It’s time to focus on that.
  3. Do you want to level your profession up fast?  Focus on crafting and gathering.
  4. Do you want to enjoy the storyline and new world? Explore the main cities and look for the places to catch the rare 50g fish.
  5. Want to do the Heroes’ Welcome?  Head to the major cities and start secretly donating bags to new players.


Sixth Hour in BfA

  1. You deserve a really big break around about now, so pause your game and leave the room, go fix yourself up a proper meal.
  2. Afterwards, head to the Auction House and mailbox and start assessing your undercut auctions, your sales, and adjust your numbers according to the feedback.
  3. This is when the real Battle for Azeroth Gold begins in earnest.


What are you planning to do in the first few hours? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. dogon
    dogon says:

    I’ll probaly get my main to the new city to learn stuff like the new XP gem then over to the alts for farming ore and herbs if only i could find a good route for BFA

  2. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I love this list. I personally don’t play on the PTR or in Betas, and while I’ll take new information re: gold making, profession changes, spell changes, etc., I do my best to avoid lore spoilers and most screenshots because i like the newness, surprise, and general eye candy that comes with an expansion release. For that reason, I don’t usually have a ‘master game plan’ because I’m not 100% clear on what is where or how every last thing works. Consequently, I usually miss the boat on something. There are in-depth guides galore though if I want to drown in minutia, and Dugi or Zygor for questing. Give me a few bullet points to help me make it through the first night, pat me on the head, and send me on my way. Thumbs up.

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