Winter Veil Farming

Here are different ways to take advantage of Warlords of Draenor Winters Veil.

From beginners farming, that a level 20 can do, through to sneaky new tips for 2015/16 Christmas season.

Good luck with your gold making.


Beginners – small eggs

Small Egg

Small Egg

Small Egg sales are hot every year. Every November/December is the time to farm them.

You can gather these from low level birds.

Dragonhawk Hatchlings Eversong Woods <- Best for everyone

Fleshrippers in Westfall <- Easiest location for Alliance

Moonkin in Azuremyst Isle <-Best if your server is busy

Hinterlands Moonkin <- if you prefer an exotic location

Why small eggs?

They are used in a recipe for Gingerbread Cookie. The gingerbread cookie, in turn, is cooked and given to Greatfather Winter in Orgrimmar or Ironforge as a quest.

Screenshot_869 Screenshot_868


Advanced – crafted items & flipping

Crafted gear

Red/Green Winter Clothes, Winter Boots

These are Tailoring and Leatherworking patterns.

Check out the profits





Winter Veil Boots

But DONT put stacks of over 20 on AH *DOH*

For the Advanced Gold Maker, travel up the crafting chain to discover the requirement of “Bolt of Woolen Cloth”, and “Bolt of Runecloth”.

Buy the raw cloth, turn it into bolts and put it on the Auction House.

bolt of woolen cloth

Flipping items from Savage Gifts

This relies on you taking the time to check the daily/weekly fluctuations of high priced items on the Auction House.  Your research can be backed up on The Undermine Journal.  Look for patterns in time with correlation to demand, peaks and troughs in supply, and watching as the new influx of items causes a period of volatility.

Your aim, to flip, means buying/bidding/acquiring low, and selling high. Glossary


Medallion of the Legion 
Frozen Arms of a Hero 
Minion of Grumpus 
Elixir of the Rapid Mind 

Look at that influx of volume in the last day

Look at that influx of volume in the last day


Flipping Winter Veil Pets

Reindeer Pet

Reindeer Pet

  1. Check the price difference between level 1 and level 25 pets.
  2. Look through your bank alts to check for pets that are in demand
  3. Check normal prices and pricing trends on The Undermine Journal
  4. Double check with
  5. Buy, and either level and sell for a lot more, or just buy to straight up flip.  Why not both?


Cheeky – Make Gold While You Quest



Snow Mound


As well as making gold from the Savage Gifts and Minion of Grumpus, while you are completing the new Draenor Winter Veil quests, make sure to pick up every last snowball that you see.

Not only do the snowballs themselves sell, but you can also pick up a pet Grumpling



The Snow Mounds can be farmed while in a cross realm party or raid. 

Use the group finder or Cross Realm Assist addon to move to a lower populated server with lower competition.

Use druid flight form to loot without needing to mount/dismount, and to quickly avoid combat.

druid looting snow mound

druid looting snow mound

Remember, the Grumpling pet will drop in price as supply increases.  But you can overcome that by either

  1. waiting for supply to end (end of winter veil),
  2. waiting even longer (summer),
  3. selling them quicker, or
  4. leveling them to 25 and increasing their value



A little aside

Don’t get caught up in all the ways that other people tell you to make gold.  Look around you and see what is available, research how you can get it, and how well it might sell. You just might discover some treasures

Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer Controller

Crashin’ Thrashin’ Killdozer Controller

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