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Winter Veil 2017 Gold Guide

Gold Making Event

Dates 16th December 2017-4th January 2018


Small Eggs

Selling Small Eggs is an eggsellent (!) way to learn some basics of goldmaking:

I published a guide on how to farm small eggs this year, read it here. 

Looking into Small Egg selling can teach you so many useful lessons for gold making on your server:

  • Whether to choose farming or buying from the auction house and flipping (reselling)
  • Whether to hoard them and sell them all on christmas day, when many players log on and don’t want to work
  • Whether to sell them in stack sizes of 1, 2, 5, 20, 100. (Clue, I chose stacks of 5)
  • Whether you have competitors in this field, and whether they are also hoarding them and learn how early or late during an event they put them on the AH
  • Should you sell eggs or bake them into cookies for Greatfather Winter?
  • For me, I know my gold making competitors stock up very early and will put them in the Auction House very early, maybe 2 weeks before Winter Veil even starts, and they will have such a large stock that the price will actually start falling from this time.  I also know that the last thing I want to be doing on Christmas Day is standing at the Auction House cancelling, reposting, undercutting, cancelling, reposting, all day long. On the other hand, some NA realms (USA) have much fewer dedicated gold makers and you can still make a fortune all the way through Winter Veil, and especially on 25th December.   In order to find out which type of server and what competitors you have, you need to watch the prices of Small Egg on your server, preferably 3-4 times per day, in the next week. Are they going up or down? How many are available?

Even if you do not profit from the Small Egg flipping, you can still learn what type of server and what competitors you have, and use that information for the next event.

Gold Makers walling the market at 3g per egg in early Winter Veil

Decimated Gingerbread Cookie market


Ice Cold Milk

Too lazy to flip Small Eggs?

Buy Ice Cold Milk from the vendors (innkeepers) nearby for 25 copper, sell for as much as you can get.


Minion of Grumpus

Over in Draenor you have another gold making opportunity.

For this you need a level 3 Garrison, and preferably Draenor flying, although it’s not essential. Upgrade a level 1 garrison using garrison resources from the garrison cache besides your town hall.

First you need to get “Merry Supplies” Merry Supplies can be acquired by completing 4 daily quests. You pick these quests up in your Garrison from Pizzle and Almie and they send you to Frostfire Ridge. Do all these quests together at once. One set of daily quests will award 5 Merry Supplies.

5 Merry Supplies can get you a Savage Gift, which has a chance to have Minion of Grumpus inside.

The best time to sell Minion of Grumpus mounts is August 2018 onwards.

Graph from The Undermine Journal


Instead of Savage Gifts, you could buy a Crashin’ Trashin Killdozer Controller which sells for a lovely 30-40,000g from June 2018 onwards

Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer Controller

Crashin’ Thrashin’ Killdozer Controller

Reckles from WTBGold has this video to explain that Elixir of the Rapid Mind is no longer available from Savage Gifts (2017 onwards)




Crafting Winter Veil Clothes

You can profit at Winter Veil by crafting Winter Veil clothes.

Green Winter Clothes, Red Winter Clothes, Winter Boots, Green Holiday Shirt

These are Tailoring and Leatherworking patterns.

Check out the profits





Winter Veil Boots

But DONT put stacks of over 20 on AH *DOH*

For the Advanced Gold Maker, travel up the crafting chain to discover the requirement of “Bolt of Woolen Cloth”, and “Bolt of Runecloth”.

Buy the raw cloth, turn it into bolts and put it on the Auction House.

bolt of woolen cloth



Flipping Wrapping Paper

Flipping means buy low, resell high.

Check out my guide here.  Wrapping paper sells consistently through the year!


Grumpling Pet Farming

Frostfire Ridge


Snow Mound


As well as making gold from the Savage Gifts and Minion of Grumpus, while you are completing the Frostfire Ridge Draenor Winter Veil quests, make sure to pick up every last snowball that you see.

Not only do the snowballs themselves sell, but you can also pick up a pet Grumpling



The Snow Mounds can be farmed while in a party or raid. 

Use druid flight form to loot without needing to mount/dismount, and to quickly avoid combat.

druid looting snow mound

druid looting snow mound

Remember, the Grumpling pet will drop in price as supply increases.  But you can overcome that by either

  1. waiting for supply to end (end of winter veil),
  2. waiting even longer (April 2018- November 2018),
  3. selling them quicker, or
  4. leveling them to 25 and increasing their value

Grumpling supply/prices


Other Pets from Winter Veil

Farm or buy these pets at level 1, and use either your “Squirt Menagerie Day”, or level them up through other methods.

I like leveling them in my daily pet battles or power leveling them at Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria.

My Squirt Leveling Guide

  • Lump of Coal – Teaches Lumpy
  • Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot – Teaches Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
  • Clockwork Rocket Bot – Teaches Clockwork Rocket Bot
  • Rotten Helper Box – Teaches Rotten Little Helper
  • Grumpling – Teaches Grumpling
  • Red Helper Box – Teaches Winter’s Little Helper
  • Green Helper Box – Teaches Father Winter’s Helper
  • Snowman Kit – Teaches Tiny Snowman
  • Jingling Bell – Teaches Winter Reindeer

Lumpy Prices

Level 1 7,443g

level 25 20,245g


Winter Reindeer Prices

Level 1 486g

Level 25 7,255g


Rotten Little Helper Prices

Level 1 12,416g

Level 25 30,007g


Advanced Gold Making in Winter Veil

Tangents for Advanced Gold Makers to explore:

Will the renewed use of the Garrison temporarily lead to an interest in the Auction House parts?

TSM Group for import



Will renewed Garrison use increase the supply of items available from the garrison mission table?

Check your Burning Blade, Coalfist Gronnling, Left Shark (ugh), and Cinder Pup prices.


Will the Medallion of the Legion prices drop in response to the increase in supply?  Watch the Undermine Journal charts.

Will prices of other items be affected by gold makers concentrating on Winter Veil items and ignoring the other big gold making items? Watch the transmog market, the BoE market, and the mounts market, the pets market.  With 90% of your competitors in Frostfire Ridge, are any doing the Timeless Isle?  Is there less competition for selling PVP or PVE boosts?


Profit all year ’round

Save for next year:

Minion of Grumpus (August onwards)

Huge Snowball

Yellow Snowball (don’t ask)

Recipe: Gingerbread cookie buy for 25c

Recipe: Winter Veil Egg Nog buy for 2s 40c

Wrapping Paper  TSM String for Wrapping Paper i:5048,i:17303,i:17304,i:17307,i:5042

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe sales during 2017


More Winter Veil Guides

Still need More Winter Veil Guides?  Here is Wowhead’s non-gold version




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