Warcraft Hatchlings Gold

Battle Pets are worth a fortune.

Some battle pets, companion pets, you can pick up cheap on the Auction House and flip (resell) for a profit.

Here are some Hatchlings that you can gather simply by clicking on the nest.

Add Hatchling Farming to your flying routes today.


Razormaw Hatchling

Where to farm Razormaw Hatchling?

A cave in the wetlands.  You are looking for the Razormaw Matriarch, and specifically her nest. Kill her, click the nest, loot your hatchling.


Deviate Hatchling

Where to Farm Deviate Hatchling: Wailing Caverns

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Deviate Hatchlings drop from Deviate Ravagers and Deviate Guardians in Wailing Caverns in Northern Barrens.

Pick them up, use them, re-cage them, and sell them on the AH.

Wailing Caverns is also a nice source of low level leather, herbs and ore.

Copper, Silver, Tin, Bruiseweed, Earthroot, Kingsblood, Mageroyal, Light and Medium Leather.

Look also for Deviate Fish and the Savory Deviate Delight recipe just outside the instance.


Leaping Hatchling

Also found in Northern Barrens, Leaping Hatchling drops from Takk’s Nest

If you use Tomtom Addon, here’s your waypoints

/way 62.8 20.3
/way 64.2 23
/way 65.0 28.7
/way 61.0 19.7

You don’t need to kill Takk, just loot the nest.

Darting Hatchling

This hatchling drops from Dart’s Nest in Dustwallow Marsh

If you use Tomtom Addon, here’s your waypoints

/way 48.0 14.2
/way 49.2 17.5
/way 47.9 19.0
/way 46.6 17.1

Ignore Dart, just loot the nest!


Ravasaur Hatchling

Drops from the Ravasaur Matriarch’s Nest in South East Ungoro Crater, Kalimdor.

Here’s your tomtom waypoints

/way 68.9 61.2
/way 63.0 63.2
/way 62.2 65.2
/way 62.0 73.6
/way 68.9 66.6

The easiest way to get here is to either take the Caverns of Time portal from Old Dalaran, or the Uldum portal from Cataclysm portals in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, and then fly up.

Southeast ungoro

Southeast ungoro

The nest can be near the points, and hidden in tree trunks, branches, shrubs, and other unlootable nests.

Super hidden nest!



Bloodthorn Hatchling

Not a hatchling that you can loot from a nest, but one you buy using pet charms.

He costs 50 charms, and can be bought in your Warlords of Draenor Garrison, by Tiffy Trapspring and Giada Goldleash.

Spend 50 Pet charms, receive this unusual pet, learn, then recage and put him for sale on the AH.

He can be over 5000g at level 25, and will become rarer as players forget about goldmaking opportunities in Warlords of Draenor.




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  1. Elkagorasa
    Elkagorasa says:

    Don’t forget there’s a Cavern’s of Time portal (far left) in the room under Legion Dalaran (i.e. Chamber of the Guardians). I am finding these are extremely handy in getting to all the old content. The portals are:

    Wyrmrest Accord – i.e. wrath
    Dalaran Crater – Hillsbrad – Upper Eastern Kingdom

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