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Just a brief note today, folks, to tell you about Jim from Power Word:Gold and his latest podcast. I was an accidental guest. I bumped into him on Twitch livestreaming and I was so excited to see him I just jumped in and blabber mouthed my way through his garrison struggles.  It was all a bit silly.

You can listen here


Your WoW Money podcast has also kindly mentioned my blog a few times recently, and you can listen to their recent broadcasts here.  (Although let me add that all the techniques of gold making they critiqued can and do make gold, they’re not meant to give you the gold cap as a single technique! LOL)

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    Thanks for the blogh 😉 I am always looking for new bloggers to follow since Just my two copper was shut down 😉 Totally gonna follow these people to see if I can add to my daily income ;

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