Can you magically create gold?

What if this really did work in World of Warcraft?


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  1. Vince
    Vince says:

    If you really want it, you’re going to put in energy to get it. Whether or not you can overcome the obstacles in your path depends on many things.
    Maybe being told that all they have to do is will their way to success is enough influence to push some people into action that will eventually lead them to success. But it definitely isn’t sufficient for everyone. What if you fail to reach your goal? If you hold the Secret’s logic to be true, then the fault can only be yours because you didn’t ‘will it’ enough… and that’s far too simple a reason for failure in a complex world.
    I think that the message that ‘The Secret’ pushes is a dangerous one. It promotes magical thinking and lazyness. Instead of educating yourself about market forces, looking for new opportunities, working hard to overcome obstacles and learning from setbacks, you can just will your way to riches and will more when you fail (after all, look at all the positive testimonies and $ucce$$ stories)…. that is until you spiral down in disillusionment and maybe someday down the road realize you wasted your time and would have been better off farming.

    • Athmet
      Athmet says:

      I beg to differ. The Secret isn’t about making stuff just magicly appear at your feet. It is about having the intention to do whatever it is you want to do, and following through on that intention.

      So yes it does transcend to Wow. I have the intention of making the gold cap, and that intention is going to drive me to do the things I need to do to hit cap.

      You might not call it “The Secret”. Some people call it praying, or meditation, or “insert religious thing here”. It is all part of the same thing.

      Yep. Gonna stir the pot with this one I can tell.

      • Vince
        Vince says:

        But making stuff appear at your feet is exactly the concept that they’re selling.
        Also, praying, meditation, etc. are not sufficient or necessary to accomplish any real life goal.
        You have the intention of reaching a particular goal. Whether or not you accomplish it is dependent on far more than the strength of your intention.
        Fortunately reaching gold cap is a very realistic goal =)

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