Secret Gold Makers Farming Spot Discovered by Public

Damn it and double damn it.

My secret farming spot was discovered by the public on my server today.

It’s not exactly a hidden location, but the drops, respawn, and weakness of the mobs was my special pride.

As I was passing today on one of my alts, a skinner/miner gatherer, I discovered my secret was out!

Hundreds of dead turtles lying in my favourite farming spot. 


Wyrmhorn Turtle

Why farm them?

  • XP for level 85/86s
  • Spirit of Harmony for level 90s
  • Raw Turtle Meat in enough quantities to create baskets and baskets of groceries for the Tillers
  • Grey vendor items
  • Chance of greens


and for skinners

  • Sha-touched leather
  • Exotic Leather
  • Tiny chance of Magnificent Hide (1-2 per hour)
  • Plump Intenstines, with vendor trash or 1g+ inside


[quote]As another skinning friend said to me “it’s like christmas!“[/quote]

Wyrmhorn Turtle Farming

Click for larger picture

This is what a farmer’s screen looks like! lol


How to Farm Wyrmhorn Turtle

  • Unless you are level 90, you may be happier in a group.
  • Grab one tank/dps, one aoe and one dps/healer.
  • Have your aoe’r pull everything in to your tank.
  • Splat
  • Repeat until your bags are bursting


Turtle Leather Farming Spot

You can find this spot at a small pond/lake in Valley of the Four Winds. The turtle lake is between Pools of Purity and the Grassy Cline. It’s semi-hidden behind a big rock.

Turtles spawn all over the lake. There are three pulling points. At the far west, the far east, and north east.

If you get bored of turtles, expand into the Mushan slightly south and east of the area. Fly or run to Halfhill Market to dump your loot and leather in the mailbox.

Tips for farming

Bring your Argent Squire (pony up!) with you, or a portable mailbox so you can mail things to your alt/s.

Bring a traveller’s tundra mammoth or guild page or some other vendor with you.


Wyrmhorn Turtle Drops

In 3 hours I amassed  2,000 exotic leather, 7,000 sha-touched, 3 magnificent hides, 100g+ in vendor crap.  I spent 2 hours skinning, and 1 hour killing. I got 24 mote of harmony in that hour, and about 1/4 of a level from 85 to 86.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Drop rate still high on my server! I have a theory that it depends on the busy-ness and number of players in the area.

      In the same way that mining and herb nodes pop more often,the faster they are picked.

  1. Aleksy
    Aleksy says:

    I recently discovered (widely known but not-so widely used) EXTREMELY good farming spot in one of the Cataclysm zones. To sum things up I managed to nab 700 raw looted coin, 129 volatiles, 40 pyrite and elementium ore, boatload of Cataclysm greens (vendoring, dont have an ‘chanter – 1400 vendor gold total) and the cherry on the cake – 1,730 Embersilk Cloth. Yes, seventeen HUNDRED cloth, or 85 stacks of 20. That was done in mere 60 minutes or 1 hr (Potion of Treasure Find full duration – the loot described above includes contents of 70x Tiny Treasure Chest). To use it to the full extent you need:

    -Level 90 character with good AE (used surv hunter)
    -Tailoring 425+
    -Potion of Treasure Find
    -Being competed by at most one other player (late night or morning FTW)
    -Winamp with some good tunes on

    I was doing mounted pulls of 20-40 mobs, then AEing them all in 5 seconds tops. They respawn in 4 seconds after killed. They’re level 83 and still green at max level (*cough* Love is in the Air *cough*)

    The price of an embersilk bag is ~500g atm on my realm and they sell like hot. That makes it 8-13k gold per hour farming spot, something I’ve never seen before. Even hour of Icecrown cloth farming gives measly 600 frostweave and like 1/10th of vendor&looted gold.

    Gonna do this until they nerf it, they propably will in a month or two. I went from 89 to 94k looted gold achievement in just 3 days of 2-3 hr farming, im happy about this as they nerfed old raid gold a lot and i had an eternity of grinding cataclysm heroic raids for it before my eyes.

  2. wowtipper
    wowtipper says:

    I went there on my hunter and in 1 hour only received 1 spirit of harmony. Do people get lots of those at lvl 90? The place has been packed on my server since beginning.

    I also went to Dreadwasts on my lvl 90 main and within 15 minutes I had 19 motes of harmony. Seems like lvl 90 zones drop them more often

  3. TrimbleIRL
    TrimbleIRL says:

    nooo… the secret its out… this is why im not alone… so many alliance

    /sings I’ve got the key I’ve got the secret

    tho i dont think this place is a good spot for farming ironpaw token meat ( i think the cranes are better for that. its definatly worth it if you need the turtle meat for buff food.

      • The Gold Queen
        The Gold Queen says:

        I’ve been sending mine to my alts. If my alts don’t want them, they go to my bank alt/s. If they don’t sell, they go to my disenchanter!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Although the cranes have a higher percentage drop rate of meat (almost 100% I believe?) the turtles spawn just so damn fast and you don’t need to run around to gather them up. That’s why I prefer getting my meat here.

  4. Phat Lewts
    Phat Lewts says:

    These turtles are AMAZING! Farmed them this morning for the meat (needed for leveling Way of the Pot, as well as others) and I loved this spot! At 90 my mage was easily clearing 10-15 at a time, and I got over 20 Motes in less than an hour! Will definitely keep coming back here in the future, my favorite farming spot so far in MoP.

  5. Harold
    Harold says:

    I’m trying to figure out where this location is. I’ve read the article twice but there’s no mention of it. Of course I was using my “man eyes” so maybe I missed it.

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