Why Your Transmogrification Stockpile Didn’t Sell …but will soon!

Who is your buyer?

Your buyer is a level 10-0 with a lot of gold. That’s a pretty tight demographic out of all the World of Warcraft players. And you can bet that if he has a lot of gold, it didn’t just rain from the sky.

Your buyer is smart.

He doesn’t want to spend 990g on a chest piece if he can buy it tomorrow for 12g 19s

Who is your competitor?

Your have two types of competitors.

  1. Gold gamers who have read a little on the gold blogs and forums and gold guides that “Transmogrification items will make you a million gold!”
  2. Levelling characters and alts who just want a bit of gold and to empty their bags.

It’s been some time since the release of Patch 4.3 and the new Transmogrification ability. Transmogrification was one of the requests by Warcraft players that I’ve followed for a while, due to my beginnings on a RP server and understanding of the needs of warcraft roleplayers. Incidentally, Pandaren are also one of the requests by players, so if you hate the Pandas, like I do, then you only have yourself to blame.


New Shiny World of Warcraft Content

When anything new comes out in World of Warcraft there is a rush of players. Whether that’s a rush of players raiding new bosses, crafting new gear, or selling newly useful gear.

It starts with a rumour.

Then there’s a surge.

Then a peak.

Then interest wanes as the patch rolls forward.



Two ways to win the Transmogrification Race

The Sprint

Get in before the rumours. Sell, sell, sell, fast as you can before any other gold gamer jumps on the bandwagon. In case you hadn’t noticed, you missed the bandwagon.

The Marathon

Your competition gets bored and exhausted, and sell all their stuff.

Outlast the Other Gold Gamers

Did you miss The Sprint? Go for the Marathon. Outlast the competition.

This is the hardest, because you will need to instinctively learn which items really do sell well and which only work in theory.   When you know that, you can replicate it. Repeat your success rather than taking a wild stab in the dark.


Transmogrification Selling From Another Point of View

Change your buyer

Sell to the gold gamer.

Occasionally halve your prices and turn your competitor into your buyer. He is forced to either undercut you, which means he hasn’t been selling his mog items either, or buy you out. What do you mean you bought the item for more than half the price? You’re in deep doo-doo my friend.

Either do this for all your stock, and SELL OUT before restarting with a better focus. Or just do it occasionally. If you do it occasionally, then you might trick your competitor into thinking you made a mistake on which he can profit, and that your items normally sell for double that price.

Eagle Eye on your Competitor

Lockdown everything on your server that remotely looks like or even smells like the gear you want to sell. That means beating your potential buyer to the Auction House. I can’t explain how much bad business sense this is. There is no way you can get into your buyer’s guild and ensure that all his guild mates’ alts sell to you rather than him. Are you crazy? Do you have no life? Do you like scanning the AH every 60 seconds?


Focus on what sells

Go back to TSM accounting module and check what has sold. Then do it again. Instead of focusing on “random mog items that people might want” focus on a list of five high sellers. These are mine:

Imperial Plate

Why? It’s cheap to make and the competition on my server are bored of it and don’t post regularly.

Black Dragonscale

Why? No competitors at all.

Wolfshead Helm

Wolf-face for druids. I know about LW and I know about druids, so this is a win.

Admiral’s Hat

Still sells high despite everyone knowing it is now much easier to craft.

Mooncloth Robe

Felcloth + moonwell, 1,000g yes please ##Extra Tip: Pick up some Wildvine in Felwood if you go hunting for Felcloth


Lesson: Do not dive into something that you know nothing about! Learn about what you’re selling before you go crazy and spend a fortune.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

5 replies
  1. Luparul
    Luparul says:

    Hey there. I had missed this post.
    Alright. I have just one point. Generally speaking, I tend to believe that mogging is a lot more appealing to Alliance players. But I play on Horde. It’s not that I haven’t sold some mogging items, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. There’s still tweaking to be done, I guess.

    But again, the Alliance female models are more likely to be dressed up nicely (by whomever is playing them). More than Horde female models that is. Because no server can only have Blood Elf females…

    The Imperial Plate again makes a lot more sense to Alliance. On Horde it would be suicide to dress that up. Allies would have no problem of dressing up like the Orgrimmar guards/ grunts, for example. However the Imperial Plate is too iconic.

  2. Jaeger
    Jaeger says:

    I’ve followed the guides from the Mogfather. I started late but I’m on a low population server so I am only starting to finally have a “little” competition. No, I haven’t made a million gold but I’ve made over 100K and continue to make a few sales every couple days. It’s defintely worth it for me; low risk (I never pay more than 50g for an item and I don’t keep stockpile too many instance of an item), high rewards (I’ve been making sales at the ‘recommended’ prices), little effort (a little setup in TSM and it’s super easy to manage my inventory and find new stock).

  3. Jaedia
    Jaedia says:

    Great post! My method is generally to look at the items that I might consider buying and just overprice them a little (not too much). I’ve had pretty good turnover with that method, though it’s not fantastically well thought out, it is making me a little gold on a new server. 🙂

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