Gold Queen’s Transmogrification Snatch List, part 2.

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Our biggest problem with choosing which leather items to sell on the Auction House for transmogrification is that there are only two classes that use leather. Druids, who are often fighting in shapeshifted form, and rogues. Rogues seem to favour black leather gear. Both classes have pretty tier gear, especially pre-Cataclysm.

Our target transmogrification customer for leather is a rogue or a druid who wants to look different to others of his/her class.

Crafted with Leatherworking skill

  • Stylin Jungle Hat 1.5k-5,000g depending on how cheeky you feel
  • Stylin Purple Hat
  • Wolfshead Helm
  • Big Voodoo Robe / Mask
  • Moonglow Vest 90g or 190g if persistent.
  • Stormshroud set 500g-1k

Flipped (BoE items bought on AH for resale at higher price)

  • Kilt of Living Growth
  • Ceremonial Leather set
  • Ymirjar Physician’s Robe Buy 20g, sell 400g
  • Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch [of Anything]
  • Earthborn Kilt Buy 10g, sell 50g+
  • Sandals of the Insurgent Buy 0-50g, sell 100g+
  • Glyphed set
  • Mystic Sarong 190g price point
  • Tracker’s set

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