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Transmogging Updated for 2015

When I first called it in 2011  I knew it was going to be big, and that as a WoW Roleplayer I would have some extra knowledge of armor looks that would give me an advantage and help me make thousands and thousands of gold in world of warcraft with transmogrification.

What I didn’t know was that this market would still be going in 2015.

The make-a-quick-buck sellers disappeared into the night, and the long term sellers continue to farm, buy, and sell mogging gear.  The oldest known mog seller that I know is still going is Elvine, who helped out with the WoW Factor shows. However, new players come into the market, some are silly gamblers who buy, then can’t sell, and then dump their stock.

Most forget that transmogrification is a marathon not a sprint, as I said in 2012


The New Mogging Rules for 2015

1 Prices are no longer ridiculously high.

2 But they are still higher than selling ordinary, bad looking green uncommon armor /weapons.

3 You can also make a premium by selling complete sets.


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External links:  

The Mogfather’s Flipping Mogging List at PW:G

WoW Roleplay Gear – a good place to check armor appearances and sets


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  1. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    so what are the best items to sell in regards to Mogs seeing as Mists & draenor was released? Can you post a list of great mog stuff to sell for wod?

      • Cat
        Cat says:

        Thanks, I will be sure to be looking for it & checking my email as well 🙂 And then try em all to see how it works. BTW, Not sure if you posted this, I was farming rares in winterspring and one of them dropped a piece from the Overloard’s set, (it was the chest piece) & it sold for like 1800g, I know not much., for a low level piece that’s pretty good though! I was shocked whne mine sold for just under 2k

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  1. […] The mace shown is quite a tricky example, because the Global Sale Average is only slightly higher from Vendor price.  The realm price is higher, but on balance, I have to make the call between “how many times might I need to relist this on the AH in order to sell”, and “is that extra amount of gold worth my time“.  And because the realm data is higher than the global data, is my realm overpriced already?  If you have Mogit or if you just view the item on your paper doll, you can check the looks of the weapon/armor to double check whether it might be useful for mogging sales […]

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