Transmog in 7.3.5


World of Warcraft patch 7.3.5 should be hitting your servers today / tomorrow.

Transmog farmers were worried.

Very worried.


What level are the Warcraft zones in 7.3.5?

Starting Zones: 1 – 10

Classic Zones: 10 – 60

Outland & Northrend: both 60 – 80

Pandaria & Cataclysm zones: all 80 – 90

Draenor: 90 – 100

Broken Isles – 100-110


How does this work for farming transmog items? 

Your drops in these zones will now be the highest level you can get.

If you’re in the Den Whompers Cave in Thousand Needles, for example, and you’re level 110, you will get level 60 items.

If you’re in the Den Whompers Cave and you’re level 10 (What are you doing there at that level!?) then your items will be for a level 10 character.


If you’re in Grizzly Hills, Northrend, and you’re level 110, you will get level 80 items.

If you’re in Grizzly Hills, and you’re level 61, you’ll get level 61 items.


Dungeon Farming 7.3.5

In Dungeons, it gets more complicated, because your loot will be restricted to your character’s class and spec.  On a hunter and want a staff with +int?  Won’t drop. 

Sure, for farming transmog looks for your own character, this system works well because you get higher chance of the right loot for that char.

But for farmers, players who want a good mix of armor and weapon types, things get complicated.

Leather wearing rogues, for example, won’t be getting plate Glorious set pieces from Ahn Quiraj or Jade set pieces from Zul Farak.

Potential Fix for Transmog Farming in 7.3.5

I’m still waiting on confirmation of this from players on US servers as the Patch goes live, however, here’s a possible fix for the transmog farmers:

Set your dungeon into a (private) LFG group, right click your portrait, and set group loot.




In order to change the loot, you’ll have to convert to raid

I’ll keep you updated over on twitter when I know whether this will work or not.

Follow me there @thegoldqueen


UPDATE 25 JAN 2018
Bad news, dungeons still only drop personal loot, even if you put it on raid.



Full list of new dungeon levels on wowhead

Disenchanter going farming?

Look out for a lot of [Rich Illusion Dust] !


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5 replies
  1. Jim A.
    Jim A. says:

    So if I’m farming for Jade Plate items, where do I go?? The way I read the loot list, going into ZF with a 110 will net me only level 60 crap.

  2. Chrono
    Chrono says:

    Um, actually…..

    If you set the dungeon as you described in your original post, convert to raid, and set to “Group Loot” – you will get all the drops. I ran through Zul-Farak with my DK twice. The first time without setting anything, and cleared the dungeon with a total of 3 greens, and a load of useless crap.

    After setting as described in your original post, I ran through again, and 3 green dropped in the first few sets of mobs. These included cloth, and leather armor – so it does work..

  3. Curtis
    Curtis says:

    I think the personal loot only applies to boss drops. You’ll still get all the greens for anything but bosses will be dropping nothing if the drop ends up being something you can’t use. I only farm on my druid and I’ve gotten Vangaurd Legs and Glorious BP in AQ a day ago.

    • Gold Dragon
      Gold Dragon says:

      They are looking to change the boss loot in BFA to a ‘legacy’ mode. If you are 10 lvls higher than the original content then all of the items will be on the loot table and not just the personal loot items.

      Greens aren’t affected by any of the loot changes since they drop normally from everything.

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