How to steal a snatch list

Is this ethical? I’ve been asking myself all day. But if others could do it to you, I’d prefer you to know first!


First, here is

My Competitor’s Snatch List

TSM2 group
[learn_more caption=”TSM2 Group”] 1491,14288,14744,14510,22389,10631,15891,14676,15646,15968,14194,15432,15516,24302,35203,12728,15529,21024,15673,14184,15687,18657,14851,14455,4768,20664,15523,14437,15666,14958,14182,15630,15648,29380,15651,75108,14916,14601,19163,15605,15973,14670,15596,14133,29372,15343,29371,14847,14318,15584,14675,14225,14782,14197,14195,29377,15345,8138,14941,14930,9488,18658,15682,14938,14674,14755,14768,14937,41553,14305,14292,14750,15500,14570,8143,29378,14598,15195,20891,14216,3072,15619,15435,24202,14413,68757[/learn_more]

TSM3 group

[learn_more caption=”TSM3 Group”] i:1491,i:14288,i:14744,i:14510,i:22389,i:10631,i:15891,i:14676,i:15646,i:15968,i:14194,i:15432,i:15516,i:24302,i:35203,i:12728,i:15529,i:21024,i:15673,i:14184,i:15687,i:18657,i:14851,i:14455,i:4768,i:20664,i:15523,i:14437,i:15666,i:14958,i:14182,i:15630,i:15648,i:29380,i:15651,i:75108,i:14916,i:14601,i:19163,i:15605,i:15973,i:14670,i:15596,i:14133,i:29372,i:15343,i:29371,i:14847,i:14318,i:15584,i:14675,i:14225,i:14782,i:14197,i:14195,i:29377,i:15345,i:8138,i:14941,i:14930,i:9488,i:18658,i:15682,i:14938,i:14674,i:14755,i:14768,i:14937,i:41553,i:14305,i:14292,i:14750,i:15500,i:14570,i:8143,i:29378,i:14598,i:15195,i:20891,i:14216,i:3072,i:15619,i:15435,i:24202,i:14413,i:68757[/learn_more]


How I stole his list

Step 1

Go to

(I assume you will be able to log in, that you have created an account so that you can use the TSM Desktop App in order to pull down the auction data straight into your TSM addon)

Step 2

Under Auctions, go to Top Sellers

Screenshot_127 homepage

Scroll down the list and find your competitor.  For this example I chose a complete random player from Stormrage US. Names blurred to protect identity.

You’ll see a list of his/her auctions

You can sort them according to various paramaters, this example happens to have them sorted according to low buyout per item, so only the crappy stuff appears at the top. Don’t worry

Sample list of items found on the TSM top seller page

Sample list of items found on the TSM top seller page

Step 3

Highlight the whole list of his/her items.

Copy  Ctrl-C the list.

If you can’t do it all at once, just do step 3-4 in stages.

Step 4

With it copied, go on the TSM website to Group Maker


TSM List Ready for Stealing


Step 5

In the Group Maker page, paste the whole chunk of data that you copied, and the Group Import String will populate, and fill with a TSM string.

Group Stolen and Transformed into a TSM String

Group Stolen and Transformed into a TSM String

Step 6

Take the Group Import String by copying it, opening up your World of Warcraft, opening your TSM addon with the /tsm command, and prepare to use it in game.

Step 7 

A) Create a new group

B) Paste the above TSM String into the Import window.

C) Click import. The group will now populate with a full list, in game, of your competitor’s items for sale.  Not quite his ‘secret snatch list’ but definitely a list of all his items that he is trying to sell.


A) Create a new group

Paste the Import String

B) Paste the Import String


C) One list

C) One list

Now what?

  1. You can add a Shopping operation to it, if you want to look for these items available on the AH.
  2. You can add it to your Sniper Search
  3. You can search his auctions to find if any he has posted are underpriced
  4. You could use it to discover his farming methods and cut off his supply chain
  5. You could copy him and try and sell the exact same items
  6. You could search his list for weak/empty spots and fill those
  7. You could discover items you did not think were worth gold that he is regularly selling for a high price

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    I find that these days with the breakthroughs in TSM and the wider spread of knowledge and tools that it’s now become more of a game to see how long you can keep your bank alt a secret before the competitors look it up on UJ etc.

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