Where to Start Making Gold in Warcraft

Here’s your guide on where *you* should start.

Gold Dragon say:

Have you started with the free gold making course that is emailed to you? That’s a good first step on learning and sticking your toe in the water. Go to the TGQ webpage and then look for the header ‘Free Gold Making Email Course’. You will get an email and walk you through expanding your gold making abilities

TGQ says

We are here to help you maximize your gold in a way that’s good for you. Every person is going to have a different path and different abilities and hopes. Sometimes you need organisation, sometimes you need to see a guide that makes you think ooooh I could do that and then you start there. There is no one path because there we are all different. If you’re a patreon, look at the video guides and take them slowly, adding in  any particular profession or farm that appeals to you, gradually building at a rate that suits you.


Why is There No One-size-fits-all in Warcraft Gold Making?

People are all different. Some readers will enjoy farming, some readers will enjoy auction house trends and flipping. Some of you might need a new task every 15 minutes, some of you will be more organised and have a whole weekly routine going.  Some readers will have invested in their professions, others will be really interested in the transmog market.

Servers, and your buyers, are all different. RP Gear is not going to sell so well on a PVP server.  Raid consumables will sell better on a server with high population of raiders. Some servers are more interested in pets, some want a stack of 200 mats, some only want one.

Time changes. The game changes. Items are nerfed, buffed, go in and out of fashion. Raid consumables sell at a particular time, trade mats at a different time.

How gold works never changes. That’s why I teach this method, so you can get a good grounding.  I’ve been told that my methods would also work on all the other MMOs with strong economies, they’re that solid. It’s part of the video guides that I make as a bonus for my Patreons.


Start With What You Know

There’s something about you that’s special. Unique.  Something you have that other players don’t.  Work out what that is, and profit from it.


Match your Unique Abilities with your Buyers’ Needs

PvPer?  You might be able to make gold by selling arena boosts

Raider? You could sell tanking or healing boosts or queue jumps? Sell spots in your end game raids for loot.

Roleplayer? I bet you know the transmog market inside out.

Pet Battler? Your knowledge of the prices for battle pets and their sources will enable you to learn niches that other players don’t know.

Pretty good at professions?  Check your professions in our search and see if there is a guide that matches your abilities.

Know your way around Azeroth?  Hunt down limited supply items and rare recipes from all over the world.

Patient? Try farming.  Clever? Try AH flipping.  Friendly? Ask your friends what they need.  Nosy? Watch other gold makers on youtube or twitch. Determined? Get into a market that requires reposting and reposting.  Coder? I bet your TSM profiles could put mine to shame.  Nostalgic? Do you remember old ways to make gold that others have forgotten? Timelost Isle maybe or Blackrock Depths? Completionist? Do you have all the cooking recipes yet?


Start with one market and grow

Once you’ve decided where to start, and done a little research online, it’s time for you practice.  Remember that you are going to fail and when you fail, you will learn something.

Follow your guide precisely and when you get results, make sure you understand the result, so you can make alterations if needed.

This is one reason why I take very careful note of my mailbox. I’m almost disappointed when I get a sale, because there’s no strategy change needed.


Don’t Go Too Fast

You’re a person, not a robot.  Go slow, go steady, and you WILL have a foundation that lasts for years and years. There is a reason that the free email goldmaking course is one per week. It’s so that you can get every thing understood before building on it.  Strong foundations.


Good luck and happy gold making


Goldqueen faseAbout the Author

Alyzande is one of the TGQ authors. She’s working on her 15th 110, has 10 years expertise in making gold, 19,000+ achievements, 1593 days played, over 39 million gold earned, and now playing World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth beta. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling, snatch lists, and farming gold making. Want more updates on Warcraft Legion? Support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Battle for Azeroth Gold Guides.