Shocking Temporal Crystal Prices

They’re usually 30-35g but on SOME servers you can get 100g or more for Temporal Crystals!

“What?! Temporal Crystals are 30g on my server” I hear you say.


Which Servers are Temporal Crystal Prices High?

You can use The Undermine Journal to search for any item.  Today we look at [Temporal Crystal]

Head over to the Undermine Journal, and search for your item in the search bar, top right.

Once you have an idea of price for [Temporal Crystal] on your server (upper left!) scroll down to see the whole range of the prices for the item on your server.  This works for all saleable items.

Often, you’ll find a correlation between supply, demand, and population.

Population affects both supply and demand

Here’s a very rough graph of price and population.

Is this right?


Or is this right?

You need to make a choice, a decision. Are you?

  • Optimistic
  • Hopeful
  • Realistic
  • Reactionary
  • Pragmatic
  • Determined


How to get Temporal Crystals

While you are considering the actual worth of Temporal Crystals, let me tell you how to get them.

Easiest way is to get them in your Warlords of Draenor garrison.  With an enchanting building/hut you can give the NPC some draenic dust and come back to pick up some temporal crystal pieces.  Put the pieces together to get a whole crystal.  The only effort you need is to get there, click it, and pick it up.

Alternative: Blackrock Foundry. Take your enchanter to Blackrock Foundry raid, or even better a multibox team of enchanters and kill the mobs in the raid.

Here’s the entrance in Gorgrond, Draenor

After you’ve conquered Blackrock Foundry why not head to Hellfire Citadel and try the bosses there?  Loot the epics, disenchant them, sell the crystals, profit!


Temporal Crystals are Cheap on my Server! Why is this Guide Important?

Easy question to answer!

You learn that item prices are not the same across all servers.

You learn to use Undermine Journal to check prices across servers.

You notice that your outlook on life (positive, negative?) affects your ideas about pricing on an item.

You take a chance on trying something new.

You notice that even if an item is cheap now, maybe it will be expensive tomorrow.

And you research which items can be made with the item.


Here comes the tweetable!

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Why are Temporal Crystals Priced High?

It’s literally supply and demand. Where there is a good solid, fast or slow, just steady supply, the price will hold at what I call True Value.


What is True Value

True Value is one my very special, secret Gold Queen facts that I’ve been explaining to Patreons in my 100 hour+ Eternal Gold Guide video series.

It will blow you away if you knew it.

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