Why Am I Sharing Old Gold Making When BfA is Soon!?


Q:  Why Am I Sharing Old Gold Making When BfA is Soon?

A: Super simple answer:

Because when the vast majority of players are all looking in one direction, and focusing on one thing, it presents an opportunity to you.

When everyone is looking at the right hand, it leaves the left hand free to work the magic.


Don’t Blindly Follow the Herd

Sometimes, it’s useful to follow the herd.  When there are mobs to kill, and many hands make light work.

When ten competitors converge on one dead beast, skinning knives ready to rip off the leather, the outcome will be one happy competitor, and nine unhappy ones.


Tailors, when everyone on your server is desperately trying to dump Shal’dorei Silk, it’s time for you to corner the market on elekk plushies, hexweave bags, shirts, and crafted robe transmog sales.


Alchemists, when everyone is dumping piles and piles of herbs on the Auction House at knockdown prices, now is an opportunity to start proccing those flasks and potions ready for the first day of BfA.  Sure the new herbs are coming but which would you prefer to buy for questing?  A 500g new flask, or a 5g old one?


Jewelcrafters, your competitors are dumping gems.  So it’s time to crank up your panther production.  Make sure your organisation is working like clockwork.


Take the opportunity for you to fill the gap. 

When your competitors are selling one thing, sell the other.

Sometimes my job is to tell you about new opportunities.  This time, my job is to remind you of the missed old opportunities.


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