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My Server Is Really Hard to Make Big Money

My Server Is Really Hard to Make Big Money

Today I got an email from a reader, telling me his story about how he makes gold on his server, and what strategies he uses. I’ll let him explain:


I am Alcattle on Kil’Jaeden A-US, been playing since start of the Burning Crusade. I can always make a little gold.

I have 3 85’s all with max professions. I have 15k on main and maybe 15k around the rest. Play a lot of alts, with Recruit a Friend (RAF) and Multiboxing.

I know you hear this a lot but my server is really hard to make big money on with the small amount of time I have. Just got 20k leveling, looks like a lot of good info to go thru. Love all the gold info out there and will be trying to learn more as I get time


Hi Alcattle, its lovely to meet you. I play Alliance too, with a lot of night elfs, 3 humans and 2 gnomies. Don’t really like dwarves so much.

All servers are hard to make money on with a small amount of time. Its only really putting that time in that will give you the instincts to turn guesses into estimates into gold. That’s why I try and share my estimates and feedback on Save you a bit of time!

Just keep going, keep doing your dailies and remember cooldowns, and having a little look at AH when you’re stood there, and you’ll start to see one or two patterns, I hope!

Let me know if you need anything specific


Hilarious image (C) Saate at How did I miss this at April!?


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  1. So if you are multiboxing you have two accounts.
    I make more gold from moving just mats cross faction.
    Are you using auctioneer > Arbitrage ? I make tons of gold moving cut gems/glyph to alliance then moving the mats to make them back.
    there is more gold in cross faction trading than anything else in the game.


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