Selling Services- How to Make Gold Without Farming

Selling items is not the only way to make gold

“Services” is one of the four ways to make gold.


Tanking or Healing Services

Method One

Direct: Advertise on trade channel, offering to tank for individuals or parties wanting a tank or healer for heroic/mythic dungeons.

Although you can find a tank with the Looking for Group tool, some players prefer the reliability of choosing their own tank, jumping the queues.


Method Two

With “Call to Arms”, players performing the role get a bonus reward.

The Savage Satchel of Cooperation gives approx 500g, 1-2 augment runes and 3-4 Baleful tokens.

You can get Valor for the first heroic of the day (shown here) but after the first, you will still continue to receive Satchel Rewards for every Call to Arms that you answer.


“Call to Arms” is not always available, and it’s tiring to continually check and refresh.

For this, you can use an addon called Satchel Scanner


Satchel Scanner

Satchel Scanner addon scans Group Finder for you, based on your choice/s of roles, and lets you know when a Call to Arms is available.

Download Satchel Scanner

Satchel Scanner

Satchel Scanner

This addon scans the LFD Frame for Satchels of Exotic Mysteries, if it finds anything you will be notified

If there is a satchel for from Instance X it will notify you with warning that you can get a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries from Instance X for Class Y
There is also a frame showing what instance giving the satchel

Well if you are like me, only like doing random heroics to get a satchel and cannot be bothered to spam ‘I’ all the time, this addon does it for you!

How do I use the addon?
Type: /ss3 toggle or /satchelscan toggle to show the Frame
Press ‘Start’ to start scanning and ‘Stop’ to stop scanning
Pressing X will hide the frame and you will have to show it again by using /ss3 toggle
Note: It will still scan when hidden!
/ss3 toggle
/ss3 config



When your Call to Arms pops, you’ll get a loud noise to alert you and the window will let you know which raid or dungeon offers a Satchel.

Boss Lockouts:

You can also sell boss lockouts.  Your buyer here is the mount collector.  If you have already collected a rare mount and know how to storm through the raid, then you can clear the trash and bosses before the one that drops the wanted mount.

Your buyer will probably be spamming these raids with every character, and the quicker they can get to the boss that drops their loot, the quicker they farm and repeat the process.  So players will buy boss lockouts.

Off the top of my head, I can think of Ulduar for Mimiron’s Head, Ice Crown Citadel for Invincible, Alysrazor in Firelands, Ultraxion or Deathwing in Dragon Soul.



Players asking to buy boosts in old raids.

Players asking to buy boosts in old raids.

When you sell a boost,

You can sell:

  • Run through a low level raid for levellers
  • Power Leveling services through dungeons
  • Boosts through current raids with the help of your guild
  • Challenge mode boosts, either single dungeons, or as a set
  • Runs that get particular loot, eg Archimode Heroic for Grove Warden Mount
  • Boosts through low level raids for twinks, eg BWL or MC boost for level 60 twinks
  • PVP boosts through to pvp rewards
selling lockouts

selling lockouts

selling boosts

selling boosts

Friendship Moose


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Other ways to make gold

Back in March 2015 I listed the four basics of making gold.

Services are only one of the ways!



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