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Mists of Pandaria players will remember Timeless Isle.  It was a grindfest, but also hosted a legion of hidden secrets, including Bind to Account armor tokens which reawakened alts. Last Thursday I researched some ways to make gold by heading back to the Timeless Isle, checking to see if there were any secrets still to uncover that we could profit from.

Why the Timeless Isle, you ask?  One of my gold-making techniques is to go back to old content, to see if it is profitable, to add into the weekly/monthly routine.  When others have forgotten a place, then the competition dies down, and you can make some good sales.

Gold values in this blog post are correct as of November 2015.

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Let’s make our way around the Timeless Isle together.

Stand Out From The Herd

Stand Out From The Herd


Celestial Court

The Celestials: Xuen, Yu’lon, Niuzao, Chi, Ji

Can be killed once a week per char.

Easily soloed by a level 100.

I gained 109g from this – Celestial Treasure Box plus an extra roll.

Box has gold and contain vendorable item (MoP epic) and allegedly has a small chance to contain a pet, although I’ve never seen one.



Gold from Timeless Coins

Mistweaver Ku is the NPC that sells you items in exchange for Timeless Coins, which you’ll gain from killing and looting across the Isle.


He sells:

Time-Lost Artifact

Save time (geddit?) by teleporting straight to the Timeless Isle with this trinket that costs 7,500 coins.

Fun items

Masks, and the Celestial Defender’s Medallion toy, unfortunately BoP

Scroll of Challenge

Requires honored rep. Consumed on use. 10 minute cooldown.

Summons Archiereus of Flame at Breeze Terrace summoning stone

Archiereus of Flame is a level 93 elite and has a chance to drop Elixir of Ancient Knowledge.

Elixir of Ancient Knowledge

Bind on account and gives an XP boost to alts under level 84. Nice if you want another alt and don’t want to pay for the new level 100 boost.

elixir of ancient knowledge

elixir of ancient knowledge

If you have the legendary cloak you can just kill him in his normal place without requiring the Scroll of Challenge to call him down from the court.

and finally, the awesome

Harmonious Porcupette

7500 coins for pet

Saleable for 1,000g


If you do nothing else on the Timeless Isle, check to see if you are wasting Timeless Coins by leaving them to rot instead of buying a pet for Auctioning.

Note: You can see on my server they are going for 360g.  I simply won’t sell at this price and will hold onto the pet until it goes back to the EU Mean price of 1080g.  You should do the same, unless you are in a hurry.

From Mistweaver Ku, you can also buy a mount with the right rep, but that doesn’t help you with gold making.


Around the Timeless Isle


Azure Crane Chick


Looted from the Crane Nests, ie, free!


Just click the nests guarded by crane chicks. If you’ve never been to Timeless Isle before, you’ll soon find these groups of cranes mostly around the North, West, and South sides of the Celestial Court.

A 2,599g pet for free is a good for me!

Please remember, when posting these on the AH, don’t flood and destroy the market. Preserve the perceived rarity.


Timeless Isle Reputation

Emperor Shaohao reputation is much easier to grind out now you are level 100. Kill the tauren Youngol at Firewalker Ruins or even better go to the Blazing Way, further along, or the Ordon Sanctuary if you can get across the broken bridge with your legendary cloak from MoP.



Garnia – Ruby Droplet Pet

Together with a few of the viewers to my twitch Livestream www.twitch.tv/thegoldqueen we thoroughly investigated this mob.  There is a 1 in 33 chance of  it dropping a pet called the Ruby Droplet. Not only an unusual look for pet collectors but also has strong battle abilities.

For those that have never been to the ruby lake in the north of the isle, you cannot fly there, and instead must hitch a lift on a passing albatross.  To do this, stand in a place where you can target one and hit it with a ranged spell.  As a druid, I stood at the entrance to the Celestial Court and smacked it with moonfire.  The albatross took me on a route around the Isle.  When you are above the lake, hit it again to kill it, and the albatross will drop you.

Screenshot_589 Screenshot_591

The rare mob Garnia spawns in this lake.

Our investigations discovered claims that you cannot loot Garnia if you join a cross realm group but we discovered that this is not true.


So fire up your Cross Realm Assist addon (it’s included as part of TGQ addon suite at Curse)


  • The Ruby Droplet can sell for 18000g
  • You can jump across realms to find, kill, and loot Garnia,
  • You can repeatedly loot Garnia, it’s not just once per day/week.
  • Garnia usually drops timeless coins
  • But you CANNOT loot in a raid group, even if the raid group is only 2 people. If the party has converted to a raid, no loot!
  • If you find yourself in a raid group, you can still kill Garnia!  Just tag the mob, then LEAVE THE RAID.  You will remain on the realm with the tagged Garnia.  However, as soon as you kill Garnia, you must loot fast, before you are transfered back to your normal realm.   (Confirmed by Lohkin and Amberstar!)

Amberstar also noted that:

She spawns either 30 mins after her corpse despawns or an hour. Both spawn times were either right on the minute or 2-3 minutes off.

I joined a raid group and dropped it after I tagged Garnia and was able to loot her this way 22x.

All loot contained Timeless Coins and Lesser Coins of Good Fortune. Some misc buff items and some misc timeless gear.

The last time I looted him this way I did get the pet. This was after a total of 30x looted.

I did start to notice more people posting this pet on the new server I started on which is a more active RPPvP community. On the server I’m no longer active on, I still have my full roster of 100’s that I’m thinking about using just to farm gold for game time. The pet is worth a lot more on there and there isn’t as much competition. However, there aren’t as many players on this server so fewer buyers. But I think I’ll try my hand at selling it on the dead-ish server before the new one. At least until the sudden hype is over and I can sneak back into the market for it.


Timeless BoA armor

ilevel 496

Nice for pre-Wod alts


Vendors for 5g

Found in chests all over the island, or looted from mobs.



Inside the Cavern of Lost Spirits

Entrance is at 43.2, 41.1

Rock Moss inside the cavern is a rare mob with a 40m-1hr spawn timer.  He has a chance to drop Golden Moss.

Golden Moss is a trinket that, when equipped, causes a small pile of about 20 gold to occasionally drop besides a mob you kill. You have to click the gold pile to loot it. This still works in Warlords of Draenor! It also causes your character to twinkle, making you look rather lootable.

Golden Moss

Golden Moss


Mists of Pandaria meat

Plenty of normal MoP meat drops, such as raw tiger steak, raw crab meat, raw turtle meat and wildfowl breast. Pretty much worthless unless you have something weird going on your server. Vendor.

Timeless drops eg Meaty Crane Leg, Heavy Yak Flank – hand in for more coins


Sky Lantern

7500 coins from Boy With Kites/Glider at the Celestial Court. BoP. Doesn’t fight. Can’t be caged.


Whizzig <Merchant of Time>

A top-hatted gentleman on a racing snail.  He spawns from time to time around the Celestial Court, and sells items for dressing up Perky Pugs.

“Dapper Gentleman” Costume 500 coins
“Little Princess” Costume 500 coins
“Dread Pirate” Costume 500 coins
Big Pink Bow 500 coins

Each costume can sell for 200g if you are patient and perhaps advertise in a clever way on trade chat.  Don’t count on it though.


Timeless Isle Drops

Motes of harmony – still in use today, especially for blacksmithing rare (and expensive!) weapons and crafting Living Steel.


Gathering: Ore, herbs, skinning

Ore is in very low demand, herbs are in very low demand and only really useful for scribes making glyphs.

With the leather that drops for your skinner, craft Misthide leggings and vendor them for the best price.

Fish – don’t bother.


Skunky Alemental

Drops from Zhu-Gon the Sour, rare mob on a timer.

About once an hour Skunky Brew Alementals spawn in the Pandaren village (southern part of island). Killing 10 Skunky Brew Alementals will cause Zhu-Gon to spawn.

Can cross realm for him, but I didn’t have much joy getting the pet to drop.  Lucky comes into play here.

Pet auctions for 3-4000g each.

Prices will stablise about the same as the Stout Alemental, the recoloured version available during Brewfest.



Gulp Frogs

Oh my goodness, who does not remember farming these poor beasties in the dying days of Mists of Pandaria.  They gave the best number of coins-per-kill across the Isle.

They leave a debuff on you called Gulp Frog Toxin which kills you instantly on 10 stacks.

Surprisingly, the Technique: Glyph of Rain of Frogs, which was once so plentiful that players destroyed the item, is now worth 30g or more in the AH.

Unfortunately, farming the frogs without an aoe such as hunter, mage or moonkin, is totally boring, and not worth the 30g glyph.

I guess if you are desperate for Timeless Coins in order to buy up Harmonious Porcupette, then the frogs would be your go-to mob.


Kill Bufo (rare spawn) if he pops while you are farming this area.  He can drop a Gulp Froglet pet.

Other Pets

  • Dandelion Frolicker (source, Leafmender)
  • Death Adder (source, Imperial Python)
  • Spineclaw Crab (source, Monstrous Spineclaw)
  • Gu’chi Swarmling (source, Gu’chi caterpillar rare spawn)
  • Bonkers (not cageable)
  • Ominous Flame, Jadefire Spirit, Jademist Dancer (all cageable and able to sell on AH! Nice looking pandaren elemental spirit pets. Worth investigating if you are a pet seller.)


Other Inscription Techniques

  • Technique: Glyph of the Weaponmaster. 2-3000g, drops from Jakur of Ordon, rare youngol mob at Firewalker Ruins
  • Technique: Glyph of One with Nature 150g
  • Technique: Glyph of Evaporation 200g, Jademist Dancer
  • Technique: Glyph of Condensation 3-4000g, Zesqua
  • Technique: Glyph of Pillar of Light 150g, Caverns of Lost Spirits mobs
  • Technique: Glyph of Inspired Hymns 500g, Cranes
  • Technique: Glyph of Headhunting 50g, Blazing Way youngol
  • Technique: Glyph of Lingering Ancestors 150g
  • Technique: Glyph of Skeleton 10-20k, Rattleskew
Wait, how much!?

Wait, how much!?

If you have a scribe character, please do not worry, these glyphs can be learned by normal research, and I suspect the high prices are because of perceived rarity, not because of actual rarity.

Rattleskew is not keen on giving me his glyph technique.

Rattleskew is not keen on giving me his glyph technique.


There are still plenty of ways to make gold from The Timeless Isle.

It may be worth adding to your monthly routine, but probably not more often than this.

This might be a good place to go to if you are bored of Warlords of Draenor farming methods.


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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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