Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth

Pet charms that are exchanged for pet stones and other pet items will be going through a major change in BfA.

  • Current Pet Charms will be known as Shiny Pet Charms
  • Polished Pet Charms will be available during Battle For Azeroth Content
  • Vendors will only be accepting the new pet charms
  • No Conversion of old Pet Charms to the new currency
  • Ultimate Battle-Training Stones will now cost 60 Polished Pet Charms


How to Obtain Pet Charms

Pet tokens are obtained currently through both pet battles, Pet trainer battles and on follower quests in Legion.     For many players, this has added to a surplus of tokens in their banks


No Exchange from Old Charms to New Charms

With the changes announced there will be no automatic conversion of tokens.

Many times previously tokens like these have been converted automatically or exchanged for gold at a set exchange rate.

But this time around they will just be unusable if unspent.


Profiting with Pet Tokens You Already Have

The highest profit margin is usually found in the Ultimate Battle-Training Stones.   This instantly raises a battle pet to Level 25.

The two vendors that most players use the most for their pet charms are found in Dalaran

Both of these vendors are going to be important to spend all of those tokens in our bank.  But one thing that really should spark some interest
is the rise in the cost of Ultimate Battle-Training Stone

image: wowhead

These Tokens instantly raise a Battle Pet to level 25.  Many of the Popular Level 25 pets sell for 100,000g or higher based on the demand of your server.

This can add a massive amount of gold power to your arsenal.   Capturing or purchasing a Level 1 pet,  adding both an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone to put it at level 25
and a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone to make it a Blue (rare) pet.

This means that using 60 Pet Charms will allow you to put a Level 25 blue pet on the AH for sale.

If you concentrate more on pets that are already rare (Many of the pets you find in Raids/Instances or are able to find during battles) will give you more chances to increase profits by allowing you to save your pet charms for higher profitable uses.

Here comes the tweetable
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Making Your Legion Class Hall Tables More Valuable

Looking at your class hall table on what missions to send your followers.

Once you have set up your Class Hall tables to give you more 200% bonus missions,  keep an eye on those pet token missions.

Where the gold missions can net you 2000 to 6000 when completed,  the Pet Charm missions which put 25 pet charms into your bags can net you up to 10x the amount of gold.

With these changes,  there will be players who won’t have prepared for the changes and end up with ‘dead’ charms in their inventory.


Changes in Pet Charms Evens Out the Pet Battle Field

Anytime a currency in World of Warcraft is reset,  it allows new players to be on the same footing as veteran players.  But players who maximize their pet tokens now and turn them in before the major change will have a large advantage going into BFA.

Good Luck and Good Gold hunting


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