Northrend Skinning

Northrend skinning is level 375-450. I took my max level herb/skinning alt (druid ofc!) to Sholazar Basin. Sholazar Basin is my favourite Northrend zone, it reminds me of Nagrand and STV.

Arctic Fur “fur all”

Arctic Fur Skinning

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I knew something odd was going on after the 4th Arctic Fur drop from Hardknuckle Chargers. I took a screenshot after another two monkeys netted me more arctic fur and no borean leather.  Blizzard have hotfixed all leather drops from mobs 75-80 now dropping arctic fur.

Waiting on GM Ticket

GMs are flooded with queries atm from the DBM April Fool’s joke so I haven’t heard yet about my weird stroke of luck. I will keep you up to date.

edit: Still more Arctic Fur and no Borean Leather? WTF??

update: Get to Sholazar Basin to skin level 75-80 mobs before Blizzard fix it!

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  1. Bucko
    Bucko says:

    P.S. I do realize this is your April Fool’s joke, but thought I’d play the game for you. :>)

  2. Bucko
    Bucko says:

    Everything about this is odd. Thanking you & my luck for seeing your post, I hurried and killed 20 to 25 Hardknuckle Chargers. Looting gave Swatch of Gorilla Hair & Chilled Meat. Skinning produced 100% Borean Leather. Your screen shot shows loot of Arctic Fur & Bristly Tail Hair. Wowheads loot table for our Hardknuckle friends shows no Bristly Tail Hair at all. So, thinking perhaps you may be being a bit cagey about the actual mob, I checked Bristly Tail Hair on Wowhead and see the only mob in Sholazar Basin to drop it is Longneck Grazer on the other side of the country. Killing 30 of them produced no Arctic Fur, skinned or other, but did produce lots of Bristly Tail Hair. All very perplexing.

  3. Gnome
    Gnome says:

    I almost fell for it, but then I saw the connection to last years post and noticed the other quirks in the post…

    What WOULD you do with an unlimited supply of arctic leather? It’s pretty damn useless as far as I’m concerned.

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