Winterspring cubs. Buy these in Winterspring for 50g and resell in the Auction House.  Prices were around 150g for sales, but have now dipped around 80g ish, so it depends on your luck and your patience.

Armani Hex Sticks. These drop from ZA.  If you already have Mojo, the Zul Aman BOP mini pet or if you are not a pet collector, then you can sell your BoE hex sticks on the AH.  They sell best after barking them up a little and explaining to cataclysm new players what they do and what they can make.  (warcraft pets link to Mojo)

Gordok Ogre Suits I made mine from stored Ogre Tanin (from dire maul north) plus rugged leather and bolts of runecloth.  If you don’t have the pattern from before Cataclysm, you can make a Gordek Ogre Suit by taking the Ogre Tanin back to Knot Thimblejack in Dire Maul.  I sold mine for 100g, and I was happy with that price, however my buyer is trying to resell them for 1,000g or so, so it’s something you could take a risk on.

Leatherworking leg armor and belts have sold well, with the chaos orbs adding considerable value to the raw mats.

Pristine Hide If you’re not a leatherworker, you can still try trading 10 heavy savage leather for 1 pristine hide at the leather tradesman/vendor in Twilight Highlands.   With an example price of 10 heavy savage leather at 35g each, you can buy for 350g, and trade for one pristine hide and sell for 440g.  (Vaguely middling figures plucked from the undermine journal as an illustration.)

The Gem Rush of 4.1 is settling down and you can expect prices to slowly drop off to pre-patch prices after the first week rush of players wanting to try Zul Aman and Zul Gurub, and needing new gems for their new gear.  Items that are still selling well are Inferno Rubies and Shadowspirit Diamond cuts.

Farming Twilight Highlands is quite profitable at the moment with so many players in “buying mode”, splurging large amounts of gold on enhancements to help them experience the latest patch.  Check your ore and herb prices before you go!  My personal opinion on farming is that it’s something to do if you’re utterly bored, or if you happen to be passing by whilst completing a quest.

Savory Deviate Delight continues to sell well.  If you have reset your hearthstone to Dalaran, like me, then it’s easy to pick up the WOTLK fishing daily, which often gives raw deviate fish as a reward.

Crusader Enchant Formulas selling high on your server?  Respond to the new enchanters by driving up the costs of the mats.  Righteous orbs are relatively cheap (compared to some other mats) to buy out and create a trade blockade in the auction house.

Rares from your Snatch List are more likely to show up on busy server days like weekends and patch days.   Keep an eye on the Auction House for sellers with less knowledge than you.

Beware of buying “cheaper than usual” scrolls of enchants in this patch.  The costs of materials are driving down the value of these scrolls and we have not seen the lowest bottom value for Maelstrom Crystals yet.

Selling Zul Aman Battle Bear runs can be a big gold earner if you have a decently geared and experienced group of guild mates willing to work with you and share the profits.

Limited Supply items are still available for the budding gold entrepreneur.   Try the “old world” vendors from the opposite continent to your capital city.  Horde, search out limited supply items from Eastern Kingdoms, Undercity.  Alliance try Darnassus and Kalimdor for unusual limited supply items.  Two of my favourite spots are Booty Bay and Netherstorm.

Cooking quests with your alt gives your alt +cooking skill, +gold, +guild rep and +faction rep.  Use the cooking token to buy cocoa beans in the Imported Supplies bag. Cook chocolate cookies and sell for 50-100g per stack.

Maelstrom Crystals prices have dropped hard but enchanting lanterns/lamps have not fallen quite as far yet. You can still make a profit with these.

Fathom Eel are fishable in Tol Barad peninsula. Pick some up if you pass a school whilst doing your dailies. They sell well both raw and cooked.

Battered Hilt prices are rising, up to twice the pre-Cataclysm selling prices.  And Pit of Saron trash (and bosses if you’re feeling brave!) are soloable.  It’s an interesting way to make a cool 20k.  Naturally, you should send all the green drops to your enchanter for disenchanting into mats which are also rising in price.  Icecrown is easy to reach from Dalaran.  You did reset your hearth to Dalaran, didn’t you?

Violet Hold is also soloable for greenies if you’re hanging around Dalaran twiddling your thumbs.

Wintergrasp is also nearby if you want to farm ore to use for the icy prism which lost its cooldown.  Check the prices of enchanting mats and ore, and you may find the saronite shuffle is viable again!

Engineering pets are down in price, but whelplings and hatchlings of all colours seem to be selling very well.  Check out my Pet Shop miniguide for a full list of pets from vendors.  I sell Calico Cats at 225g.

Khorium Ore spawns nicely on Sunwell Isle, which is always empty and rich for your pickings.

Shirts are also selling well this week. Players seem to be treating their characters to new gear in every slot. Sell Red Lumberjack shirts for 200g if you can get the interest.

Solid Sky Sapphire sell high on AH.  Also golden draenite, which you should sell in stacks of 4 to tailors wanting to make their flying carpet mounts.

I seem to have rambled on for a bit.  Hope these tips help start you off on some ideas!


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  1. Lilanth
    Lilanth says:

    To clarify, do you mean crusader formulas or scrolls? Because it was my impression that the formulas no longer dropped and thus should be rather scarce on the ground. I can’t be sure, but I think I may have the last formula on my server. I’m planning to flip it for a healthy profit.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      The formula for the enchant was found to drop from a new location in Tyr’s Hand, Plaguelands
      which prompted players to rush there to farm the formula.

      I suggest reacting to that rush by pushing up the prices of the materials, so that new owners of the freshly farmed formulas must buy your higher priced mats in order to create the scrolls for sale.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Great list!

    I have about 60 Gordok Ogre suits (from when I got my Insane title) that I’ve been trying to sell since before Cataclysm. I’ve various prices (50-5000g) and methods (using one and barking, marketing them with Giant Growth potions, etc), with very little success. The most I’ve been able to sell one for is 100g. 🙁

    Cornering the market on Righteous Orbs is an intriguing idea. I might have to take a shot at this. Worst case, I have a ton of LBS, so I can just make the scrolls and sell those if I end up with a ton of orbs.

    Cooking in general — not just Chocolate Cookies and Skewered Eels — seems to be very profitable right now. I think most guilds haven’t gotten the Seafood Magnifique achievement yet, so raiders are typically buying their own stat food. Capitalize on this!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      What I did with the Gordok Ogre suits was basically put one on, and start leaping around the AH and yelling, feeling like a real idiot, and doing the ogre /dance. I found a friend’s name who was also barking (crusader formula and sets of food) and he seemed popular on trade channel. I started yelling “WTS Gordok Ogre Suit! Look as stupid and ugly as n” which provoked a lot of comments and giggles as we play-fighted.

      Sell the benefits of the suit
      “Fun for your next boss kill shot!”
      “do the ogre dance!”

  3. Cold's Gold Factory
    Cold's Gold Factory says:

    Nice list you have here!

    I would add that if you are looking to get into selling Winterspring Cubs, take a goblin up to Everlook. Goblins get the companion pet for only 40 gold each and an extra 10 gold per sale is a nice bonus.

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