Best place for Marrowroot farming in Maldraxxus.

The easiest way to gather Marrowroot in Maldraxxus is with a druid herbalist farmer. But you don’t need to be a druid with travelform to herb marrow root from this area in Maldraxxus.

Benefits of Farming Marrowroot Here

  • Fast herb respawn time (see “bots”)
  • Marrowroot, Death Blossom and Nightshade all spawn here
  • Very few hostile mobs. This means that you can farm the area without being dismounted.
  • The [Furious Alphahoof] that you do accidentally tag have a Tantrum AOE ability which holds them in the spot. While they’re throwing a tantrum, just run away.
  • Massive productivity
  • No fighting
  • No need for druid

Bots! As of writing, 2012, Maldraxxus is filled with druids botting farming marrow root in packs of 5. Until Blizzard addresses the bots, you can take advantage of their existence. Using a trick I learned back in Cataclysm, I noticed that when the zone was filled with bots, the nodes spawned faster, in response to the speed of farming. In other words, the faster they farm, the faster the nodes pop. So whenever I see groups of bots multiboxing in a zone, any zone, instead of uselessly raging, it means that the opportunities for herbalism (or mining) for me are increased. Find an area with concentrated nodes, and wait for the herbs to blossom. You can find a very similar zone in Bastion

How to Farm Marrowroot in Maldraxxus

  1. Make sure your character has herbalism (you can learn it at Hall of Shaping in Oribos) and fly to Theater of Pain, the center of Maldraxxus.
  2. Run around this area, picking herbs.
  3. That’s all you need to do!

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