Legion Transmog Changes Will Sort The Worgen From The Puppies

Transmogrification. This is what we know so far

  • Characters will have a wardrobe
  • all item’s appearances in bank/void storage/inventory are auto-unlocked
  • all completed quest rewards chosen and not chosen will also be in wardrobe
  • also be able to transmog shirts and tabards
  • also be able to ‘hide’ shoulders as well as head and cloak
  • items you have owned and deleted in the past unlocked
  • it will include legacy and old deleted quests including class quests
  • account wide


Headpieces 16/259 unlocked
Can star your favourites
Can see which mogs are missing (an incentive to collect?)
Can create and store full outfits


“Transmog is Dead”

As you can imagine, the auditorium and twitter erupted with joy.

And all the gold makers DM’d each other with horror.

“Transmog is dead!”

As one friend on twitter said: “Once everyone has their common looks learned, the prices will be back in the DE range.”

Is it dead?

Once even one of your characters has encountered an item, it’s available for all your characters. No need to buy more transmogs.  And once you have it, you have it forever, no need to store it and fill up your bags.

Even the 50,000g+ Glorious Set.  RIP

But: very rare unusual looks, which are not sets, such as Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, Silvermoon Robes, Black Dragonscale Breastplate will continue to be sought-after, and will continue to sell. They may even increase in price initially, as players impatiently wish to fill in those slots in their transmog wardrobes. Nothing like seeing “not yet obtained” greyed out item to make someone want it even more.

Furthermore, we have hints from the Devs at Blizzcon that they want to put more rare world drops into the game, which may add to this list of rare looks, and turn our AQ20 transmog farmers into Stormheim farmers instead.





Before Transmog

Only myself and Phat Lewts are left from the gold makers from pre-transmog times.  We both know how to make gold without the transmog market.

You better believe that I will be using all these old timeless skills to learn the new transmog market as well as tall the other new ways to make gold in Legion!



Timeless Methods

This is why I say in my latest podcast segment never cut and paste gold farming or gold making techniques, but learn WHY they work and HOW to adapt them.

Never cut and paste gold farming or gold making techniques, but learn WHY they work and HOW to adapt them.

Selling armor and gear on the AH will be a little like before transmog.  Items will still be used by levelers, and still be useful for disenchanting.

This is why I teach timeless methods on the blog, and why the Free Gold Making Email Course talks about saving gold, maximising your daily routine, being efficient, and teach productivity methods instead of showing  “How to farm the Vale”.


“You Broke It”

Some people thought (and still think!!?) that garrisons “broke professions” because it allowed everyone easy access to the profession crafting mats from their small buildings.  If you need a professional, full guide to garrisons, check out my garrison gold guide which is for sale.   However, professions were not broken by garrisons, they simply forced change upon players.  Professions still make gold.

It forced gold makers to adapt or die.

It will be the same for transmogs.  It will not be “broken” but the radical change will sort the men from the boys in gold makers.

Quote by Seth Godin

Quote by Seth Godin

What To Do Instead

Gift your non-selling transmogs to friends or to guild banks with characters leveling up.  Remember, I teach you to keep a positive, golden repuation.

Vendor the greens worth most to the vendor

Disenchant the rest and use the dust to make Weapon Enchants


Weapon Enchants

  • The new transmogrification
  • The third transmogification slot announced yesterday at Blizzcon
  • A rush to purchase (from you?)
  • Just like armor, once you have a glow, you have that glow account wide forever.  So if you want to cash in on weapon enchant transmogs, get in now.

“Weapon Enchants are the New Transmog” TGQ 2015

Which Weapon Enchants to sell?

  • Mongoose
  • Crusader
  • Executioner
  • Savagery, Beastslaying (red)
  • Power Torrent
  • Windsong
  • Fiery (orange)
  • Intellect, and Landslide (yellow)
  • Agility, Unholy (green)
  • Striking, Hurricane, Heartsong (blue)
  • Spellpower, Lifestealing (purple)
  • Icy Chill (white)


How to Sell off your Transmogs

Not everyone knows about the mog changes yet. You can still sell some.  So, go make radical changes to your TSM auctioning strings.

Make sure you don’t sell

  • for sell than you paid (if you farmed it, you paid with time, so work out your costs from the gold per hour of your opportunity costs)
  • under the vendor price
  • under disenchant value

Out with the old…


In with the new …

(edit 1, clarification: deliberately obscured)
(edit 2, clarification: deliberately obscured)

I will be paring back the TSM Groups as well in the near future.

Good luck adapting to the new Transmog changes.  Don’t forget you can always email me tgq@thegoldqueen.com or find me on twitter @thegoldqueen

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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