Tabard of the Lightbringer for 1,000g at the end of wrath of the lich king.

I got everything else, the crimson deathcharger, jainas locket and sylvnas music box, but I refused to buy the ugly dwarf item or the tabard.

Now, you can’t get them for love or money. The only way is to do the Shadowmourne quest line yourself, braving the endless ICC pugs, or suck up to and wave thousands of gold at another wow player going for shadowmourne.

Sigh, such is life.

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the gold queen

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  1. Alberthus
    Alberthus says:

    It the time of ICC I tried the shadowmourn thingy but never got to far.
    The real problem was killing Lord Mourougar to many time, after you kill it for the 200 time it gets boring. 🙂

  2. Matojo (@furiey)
    Matojo (@furiey) says:

    P.s. I’m still proudly advertising the Gold Speed Run Race that I spent most of October helping with.

    As you should.

    Aw geez. I’d love to experience the Shadowmourne quest line, but the idea of dealing with ICC pugs? Ha ha ha no.

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