Thomas Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. “

You think you’ve been too busy in Mount Hyjal and Firelands. You are keeping on top of the Auction House and playing the waiting game with Truegold, slowly selling off the inferno rubies, and ignoring your alts pleading for new BoE epics.  You’re gathering ore and herbs as you do the dailies, and multitasking your ass off.  But you’re missing out on something I found today in my auction house.

Price Each, my server tonight:

Heartblossom 3g50

Cinderbloom 75s each

What should any business do when their competitors are busy elsewhere? Profit.

Heartblossom is still needed as an alchemy reagent.  It’s especially in demand right now by alchemists trying to cash in on the inferno ruby market.

This is a classic ‘go where the gold is’ strategy. Find the problem players are having (expensive Heartblossom) and solve it.

If you’re going to bite the bullet and get involved in farming for heartblossom, beware of the wowhead map “pins” at  They have not removed the non-spawning nodes which were nerfed.

No point reinventing the wheel, here is a nice heartblossom farming map from  Click for a larger version.

Personally I had best results around the western semi-arc but “your server will vary”.

What else to do in Deepholm

  • Therazane dailies
  • Elementium Ore
  • Rares: Terboras.  Drops gold and Terborus’ Rotating Bands (1,500g or more)
  • Aeonaxx : rare mount (can’t sell, but yay, rare mount!)

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