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However much gold you have, whether 100g or 1 million, you’re pretty lucky and rich. Consider giving a small portion of your gold back to your guild bank, remembering the other poor newbies.  Every nub helped is one less nub pestering you for stuff, hopefully.

This series of gold making guides about using your guild to help you on your path to riches, is dedicated to Lily, my “best ever” GM.  in WOTLK, I teamed together with an engineer guild officer with one of the first mechanochopper patterns and we basically clubbed together to buy our GM a chopper to say “thanks for leading us this far, and for all the time you put into sorting the guild out”.  Think we were server first at the time, ploughing through Ulduar, and she hadn’t expected to save up for a bike, which was a pretty big investment at the time.  The expression on her face was worth every copper. 🙂

Your Guild Bank Contents

The items in the guild bank belong to the guild master, not to the guild.  If a guild disbands, the guild master get everything.  In their mailbox is they close the guild without emptying the bank.  Guild disbands are often in the midst of drama and a scramble for leftovers, so if you decide to tithe your gold, or your items, and give them to the guild bank, give fully.  Say goodbye to them, and don’t expect a return!

I hope you enjoyed the series on how to make gold using some tricks with your guild. Yesterday’s article was about Guild Markets – the forum, and the guild bank. No post tomorrow, it’s my birthday!


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Did the guides help you?  Please tell a guild mate! They’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Happy Birthday a day in advance! (going to be… ahem… 21? 😉 )

    Hope you have a great Birthday!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Most level 25 guilds have too much gold to know what to do with. Personally, my guild leader has made a second guild to dump our excess gold as our main gbank is capped. With guild challenges and 10% of every bit of gold that any member picks up.

    We’re not a huge guild, we have about 50 active members who also play alts. (Every member gets 200g per day for repairs and active members get a 1000g bonus for 100% raid attendance every month.)

    I can’t see how any guild is possibly short on gold in cataclysm if mine manages to have so much with next to 0 donations and the generous amount they give back to us.

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