Giant Wolf Transmogs Guide

Giant Wolf Transmogs Guide

Rituals of the New Moon is an inscription technique.

It is Bind on Pickup so take your scribe to do the farming.

You are heading here, a tower area in Grizzly Hills, South-East of Amberpine Lodge, East of Conquest Hold, Northwest of Voldrune, along the road.

You will be farming Silverbrook Hunters.

It should take 2-3 rounds of killing all the mobs before the item drops

Once the item drops, it’s soulbound, learn it and check it in your Inscription skills


Crafting Rituals of the New Moon

Need Eternal Shadow? Check the Frozen Orb Quick Flip Trick.

When you craft the Rituals of the New Moon, it has a chance to become one of any of the wolf colours.

Grey, White, Black or Red.

The crafted items are Bind on Equip (and therefore auctionable!)

The offhand weapon has Use, which turns the user into a giant wolf.

While in wolf form, the user can run like a wolf, and do the wolf /dance.  The effect is removed if you unequip the offhand.


Selling Rituals of the New Moon

If you’re lucky you will be the only seller on the auction house

Because it is a rare item on the Auction House, you may get more bites by advertising on trade chat. However, beware that if you do advertise on trade chat, other scribes with the item might be reminded to post, and try to undercut you.  It’s your choice!

Not many people are even aware the book exists. Create and use some unique sales pitches for trade chat to hype up your sales

These pitches are meant to be as a joke but draw attention to the fact that it’ll transform you into a wolf, here are some examples

/2 Want to be a Worgen but you’re Horde? Buy [Rituals of the New Moon] rare item on AH now. Comes in 4 colors.

/2 This [Rituals of the New Moon] offhand is hoooooowling good.  Check out what it does! 2 left on AH now

/2 What do you call a Worgen lost in Orgimmar?  A “Where-Wolf”.  Turn into a wolf yourself with this [Rituals of the New Moon] 4 colors but only 1 left on AH now

/2 What is the difference between a flea and a wolf? One prowls on the hairy and the other howls on the prairie! Turn into a wolf yourself with this [Rituals of the New Moon] 4 colors but only 1 left on AH now

/2 Run away little girl, run away!  Frighten your guildies with [Rituals of the New Moon] Last one on AH. Must sell now. Check the “on use” ability!


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