Frostweave Cloth for 4.3

With the attention of gold bloggers, and patch watchers 100% focused on the release of patch 4.3 I’m going to employ a “While the Cat’s Away, The Mice Will Play” strategy and look backwards but not too far backwards to frostweave cloth.

Frostweave Cloth works as a selling item because of the two different ways of selling. First is the well known method of farming, the second is the less well known pipeline method.

Farming Frostweave Cloth

I recently investigated several different places and ways to farm frostweave cloth for an upcoming World of Warcraft gold guide (yes, that’s why I’ve been so quiet!), which will be my entire gold making experience rolled into one single guide. I found a surprising farming spot in Zul Drak at the Argent Strand, which I don’t want to go into in too much detail now that I know Blizzard employees are readers of The Gold Queen (hello!). We don’t want it nerfed before it’s even public! But naturally the most famous and public frostweave cloth farming location in Icecrown Glacier stayed as the highest cloth-per-hour if you decide to farm Frostweave. The actual mobs to farm are the packs of 10-ish converted heroes which can also double up as Argent Tournament daily quest mobs. Follow my multi-tasking method and make sure your mobs do double duty. Gold from mobs, gold from cloth, gold from quest rewards – yum.

Before anyone gets too excited and googles Frostweave Cloth and finds JMTC old movie about grinding at the Conflagration in Scholazar Basin for frost weave, sorry, it’s nerfed. Ignore.

Frostweave Cloth Pipeline

The other way of making a lot of gold, and I do still mean a lot of gold, is working Frostweave Cloth as a pipeline item, following Massive Gold Blueprint’s pipeline methods. A pipeline isn’t a difficult method to master. Basically it is an item which you are able to buy at a low price and then resell at a much higher price than expected. Far from 20k Leveling’s idea of “Buy low, sell normal”, a pipeline item takes a double check on the normal price, and discovers that the maximum price can be much higher than undercutting your lowest competitor. Using a “Buy low, sell very high” method, you can take advantage of price volatility over time, and take your prices up to double the price of Embersilk Cloth.

Compared to Embersilk Cloth which is a constantly available Catactlysm commodity, stockpiles of Frostweave Cloth from WOTLK are now all depleted, and new quantities must be farmed.  We’ll be using this limited supply to our advantage. Patch 4.3 increases the leveling speed in Northrend.  Players will be going through there even faster.  Will that mean even less frostweave available on the AH?

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  1. Geargrinder
    Geargrinder says:

    Aly, I have to disagree with your prediction that frostweave supply will increase. Supply will drop. Trust me. Less time in the zones means less chance of looting frostweave. Less looting means less available. This line of thinking is moot if a rush of toons are leveled all in the same time period. However, even with a mass influx of new toons unless they are all profession alts ie. not going to even leave a city nor take damage, all of those toons ripping through Northrend will need to level First Aid through frostweave and heavy frostweave bandages. That ‘never gonna make you gold’ profession is the bane of any tailor trying to power level and in this case supply will drop and demand will either remain constant (unlikely) or will increase (more likely) there is also the possibility that demand will sky-rocket. Remember the devil is in the details. Don’t forget to overlook the obvious.

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      Hi Geargrinder

      I think supply of Frostweave will rise temporarily as people rush their alts through the Northrend area, because of the number of players in the area. But you’re right that as that spike of numbers disappears, then normal number of levelers, spending less time in the area, gives less possibilities of Frostweave drops.

      Thanks for reminding me to get my Dense Embersilk bandages achievement, by the way 🙂

  2. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    Imbued bags sell from time to time. but I have been trying to keep both in stock. Big limitation seems to be
    the arcane dust which unless I produce it myself (go go JC/Enchanting combo) it can get a little expensive.

    I”ve had them where I couldn’t keep them in stock. And other times they don’t sell for days.

  3. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    Netherweave and frostweave are always strong sellers. netherweave because of the continual cranking out of netherweave bags
    at 12-16g per. And the frostweave bags at a higher amount. Plus added for leveling and even some crafting gear.

    Definitely a good tip Goldqueen. Thank you.

  4. Joeboy
    Joeboy says:

    Hey Aly I am prettybsure that TSM can be set up so you can also get the same functionality as Lil sparky but it does take time to set up. Personally iha ve been having heaps of fun and success selling t shirts and bags barking them like how I learned it from Cold. I tend to deviate away from the AH as the levelers in trade chat are much more accommodating in terms of 8-10 g per stack of nveave cloth ( Jubeithos- horde)

    Love the blog, thought about making a guest appearance at Flux’s or Wes n Cold’s podcasts?

  5. abyrr
    abyrr says:

    I believe supply will decline. quicker leveling will prompt people to get through their 70-80 bracket quicker and will lower the supply.

    As for bags, i believe that it’s easier to craft bags on the embersilk commodity as its the most stable in supply and price. you can set up a more reliable production. Otherwise you’re off farming for a few hours to secure a stockpile of frost weave and then you have to craft. This stockpile will deplete.

    I personally believe the value of frostweave is to supply new characters in leveling their tailoring professions.

  6. Trimble
    Trimble says:

    When 4.3 drops people will spend even less time in northrend. Farming the cloth then will be even more profitable. Just a thought

    *4.3 will reduce xp needed in the 70-80 bracket

  7. Jaedia
    Jaedia says:

    “Patch 4.3 reduces the leveling speed in Northrend. Players will be going through there even faster. Will that mean even less frostweave available on the AH?” Makes sense, remember it happened with Netherweave for a little when we had heirlooms and a newly nerfed Outland. I’m trying to work out if it’s worth selling either/or Frostweave and Embersilk bags, they go for a high enough amount on my server I’m just too lazy to do the maths (hence I haven’t tried yet, haha).

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      I’m going to hazard a guess that frostweave supply will go up briefly, as players who avoided Northrend will now charge straight through it, picking up cloth. And then supply will dwindle just as Netherweave.

      Personally I’m selling imbued netherweave bags, and no others. And my friend Lil Sparky’s Workshop helps with the maths, thank goodness!

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