Big Iron Fishing Rod

Off the shores of Shadowprey Village, south-west Desolace.

My story:

I was flying through Desolace last night, hunting Elders for the Lunar Festival, and stopping along the way to vaguely prod some archaeology sites.  I remembered that pre-Cataclysm, the shellfish traps outside of Shadowprey Village in Desolace would occasionally yield a Big Iron Fishing Rod.  It didn’t take long to discover that the fishing rod still drops from the shellfish traps.

You will need to be level 30+ because the shellfish traps can sometimes spawn a 7 foot shellfish with a bad attitude.  You can also amass quite a collection of grey quality boots and discarded sandals.

Below level 85, and alliance, beware of aggroing the horde flight master at the end of Shadowprey village pier.

With either druid’s aquaform (evil grinning seal) or Reins of Poseidus, collecting the shellfish traps goes quickly, and perhaps because of that I got the feeling that the drop rates were buffed.  Perhaps 10% drop rate.

Big Iron Fishing Rod is the highest +fishing skill bonus rod that is not bind on equip.  You should therefore be able to find a good price for it in your local AH.  You can also use it on alts when they are leveling fishing, and sell it afterwards.  It doesn’t bind on use.


The Undermine Journal didn’t have a price for the rod on my server, however WoWhead offered a guide price of 55g per rod.  

I found four during my brief swim around the coast area.

Don’t go running over to Desolace just for a fishing rod, but if you happen to be in the area, like I was, then Desolace might just be the right place to loot a unique item for your auction house.  Let me know how you get on with finding them.


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  1. the hatter
    the hatter says:

    Goes quick with Hook of the Master Angler, too. Surely I’m not the only person with that (it’s good for annoying druids with, especially SW dailies).

    • Greygamer
      Greygamer says:

      I Couldn’t find a way to edit my comment, so I will put this update as a reply

      I had a newly rolled Horde Death Knight so gave this a go.
      A circuit took me less than 4 minutes and took in around 8-10 traps each time (if you avoiding the flightmaster you should still get most of the traps.)
      It took awhile before the first pole dropped for me, but they dropped pretty frequently thereafter (4 out of 10 traps!). I ended up with 8 of them
      Mobs in the area are L33-34 but are nicely spread out so you shouldn’t have to fight more than 1 at a time (the trap spawned mobs didn’t even attack me most of the time).
      As expected the price on the Horde side is not great on my realm 15g, however Alliance side they were listed at 249 to over 2k gold.

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