Farming Small Eggs for Winter Veil Gold Making

Small Egg

Buying Small Egg

Small Egg sales are hot every year. Every November/December is the time to farm them.

You can gather these from low level birds.

Dragonhawk Hatchlings Eversong Woods <- Best for everyone


Fleshrippers in Westfall <- Easiest location for Alliance


Moonkin in Azuremyst Isle <-Best if your server is busy


Hinterlands Moonkin <- if you prefer an exotic location


Eversong Woods Small Egg Farming Route from Wowhead


Selling Small Eggs on the Auction House

You can either set up a TSM group, or sell them “by hand” using Auctionator addon.  You can find both addons at Curse/Twitch.

It’s not even December, and Small Eggs are starting to sell.  Don’t settle for less than double the price you paid for them!


Why small eggs?

They are used in a recipe for Gingerbread Cookie. The gingerbread cookie, in turn, is cooked and given to Greatfather Winter in Orgrimmar or Ironforge as a quest.

Screenshot_869 Screenshot_868


Small Egg Stack Sizes

Sell Small Eggs in stacks of 5, as 5 are needed to cook the 5 cookies.  Alternatively, to be really greedy, sell them in stacks of 4, forcing players to buy 2 x stacks of 4.

If you have an uneven amount of eggs, sell the remainder in “stacks” of 1.



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