Jadefire Spirit

Drops from Spirit of Jadefire

In the cave on Timeless Isle in Pandaria

Sells for 20-30,000g each at level 1

2% drop chance from Spirit of Jadefire.  Increase your luck by increasing the number of realms you visit.



  • Cross Realm Assist *ESSENTIAL
  • Rarity
  • NPC_scan

You can pick up my addons collection from Curse



Spawn Point

Spirit of Jadefire can spawn in a few locations inside the Cavern of Lost Spirits

The left hand side, in the first room;

and 3 other places at the path down into the cave:

2 on the right, one on the last left bend in the path.



How to do it

Travel to the Timeless Isle and go into the Cavern of the Lost Spirits.

Once inside, scout around briefly for Spirit of Jadefire.

Jump to a new realm using the Cross Realm Assist addon

Check around the for Spirit of Jadefire

Check the minimap also, a skull shows the location of the rare, it it’s alive.

This spot by the fire gives a good view of all 4 locations





Raid Groups

If you are in a raid group when Spirit of Jadefire spawns, and you kill it, you will not be able to loot it!

To get around this, you must

  • tag the mob
  • leave the group
  • finish killing the mob
  • loot it quickly
  • before you’re returned to your own realm



While you are there

In the cave:

Farm Rock Moss for the Golden Moss trinket. The trinket still works, and you get a sparkly look to your character.

Farm Foreboding Flames for “Ominous Flame” pet

Zaryhm Altogether, a fun daily minigame, awards timeless coins and an achievement


In Timeless Isle:

See timeless isle farming guide


Other drops:

Mote of Harmony

Timeless Coins

Grey items for vendoring


Once you have the pet

Profit on the Auction House by selling the new pets.

This pet is cageable. Learn it, right click it and select cage to trade or sell.

You can earn more gold if you level your pet to level 25 before you cage it.

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