Felwood Complete Farming Guide


Felwood Rares Guide

Rare mobs in Felwood

  1. Alshirr Banebreath 45
  2. Cida 45
  3. Death Howl 45
  4. Grovepaw 45
  5. Ragepaw 45
  6. Blackbog the Fang 46
  7. Mongress 46
  8. Thicket 46
  9. Duskcoat 47
  10. Needle 47
  11. The Ongar 47
  12. Dilennaa 48
  13. Fidonis 48
  14. Immolatus 48
  15. Olm the Wise 48
  16. Dessecus 49
  17. Gezan 49
  18. Spinecrawl 49

Transmog Items from Felwood

Felwood rare mobs drop pieces from these sets. Gold prices are from pieces I have actually sold on my server. Your server will vary.

  • Abjurer’s Set 100-600g
  • Brigade Set under 200g
  • Cabalist Set 100-150g
  • Champion’s Set 100-300g
  • Chieftain’s Set 100-150g
  • Duskwoven Set  under 100g
  • Field Plate Set 100g-800g
  • Gossamer Set 100g-500g.  Robe 500-800g
  • Gothic Set 100-200g
  • Lord’s Set 100-200g
  • Overlord Set 200-600g
  • Regal Set 100-300g
  • Royal Set 100-400g
  • Tracker’s Set under 200g
  • Warmonger’s set <100g

Other transmogs you can get in the zone, with a lower drop rate. Gold prices are from pieces I have actually sold on my server. Your server will vary.

  • Bloodforged 400g-100g
  • Brutish 400-1000g
  • Gryphon Mail 1000g-6000g
  • Imposing 400-1000g
  • Lunar 500-1000g
  • Scorpashi 300-500g
  • Tyrants 1000-3000g
  • Warbringers 1000g-3000g
  • Windchasers under 500g
  • Wolf Riders under 500g


NPSCANOVERLAYThis screenshot is from NPC_Scan which is part of my TGQ Gold Making Addon Collection at Curse Addons


Farming Felwood Herbs

Felwood herb farming route

  • Arthas’ Tears
  • Dreamfoil
  • Gromsblood
  • Golden Sansam
  • Purple Lotus
  • Wildvine

The Purple Lotus herb nodes have a chance to give the rarest most valuable herb in game  Wildvine

The undermine journal prices for Wildvine October 2015

The undermine journal prices for Wildvine October 2015

As Wildvine is a reagent for several patterns, it makes these recipes very expensive to craft, and the resulting item much rarer and more valuable.

Of these, the rarest and most expensive items, perhaps to add to your snatch list, are:

  • Wolfshead Helm 10,000g
  • Green Lens 2,000g
  • Dreamweave Vest 3000g


felwood Herb Farming Route

Felwood Herb Farming Route – Click to enlarge


Felwood Ore

  • Gold Vein
  • Mithril Deposit
  • Truesilver Deposit
  • Small Thorium Vein
Felwood Ore Farming Route- click to enlarge

Felwood OreFarming Route- click to enlarge

Farming Researching the blog

Farming herbs while researching the guide

Bonus: Dual Spec Gathering Character – Mining and Herbalism


Felwood herbs and Felwood ore together



Felwood Leather farming

  • Heavy Leather
  • Thick Leather
  • Rugged Leather

Felwood leather comes mostly from (diseased) bears and wolves which can be found here:


Felwood cloth farming

  • Silk
  • Mageweave
  • Felcloth

Felcloth can be turned into Mooncloth at a Moonwell. Mooncloth can be used by a Tailor to make several items including the Mooncloth Robe which sells for transmog for about 2,000-3,000g (Oct 2015 prices)

Farm Mageweave at Felpaw Village in the North – Multi task with Timbermaw Rep grind, general herbs/ore farming.

Silk and Mageweave drop from the cultists at Jaedenar (mid map) which has a higher concentration of humanoids for more cloth.

Best Spot:  Ruins of Constellas for farming mageweave, felcloth and purple lotus together. Great respawn rate.

I also picked up a 100g Blade of the Titans here in a silverbound chest!



How to get to Felwood

Take the portal to Hyjal from Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Fly west. Bingo!

Druids can use their [Teleport: Moonglade] spell.


Felwood Limited Supply items to buy and resell on the Warcraft Auction House

Recipe: Monster Omelet
Unlimited recipe, but only 2 vendors in game

Alliance, purchase from Malygen in Talonbranch Glade (A)

Since Cataclysm it’s no longer available in Bloodvenom Post. Instead Horde go to the neutral vendor in Everlook Inn, Winterspring.

Both Horde and Alliance can buy Recipe: Sagefish Delight and Recipe: Smoked Sagefish from Desaan, Cooking Supplies vendor at Whisperwind Grove, a neutral town.  Unfortunately these do not sell as well.




Felwood Battle Pets

  • Tainted Moth
  • Beetle
  • Tainted Cockroach
  • Tainted Rat
  • Minfernal
  • Toad

Unfortunately they aren’t cageable. Feelsbad man.


Here comes the tweetable!

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BONUS Farming guide

Farm Timbermaw Hold reputation

You can purchase your reputation rewards from a Furbolg named Meilosh in Timbermaw Hold

  • Recipe: Transmute Earth to Water
  • Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Belt
  • Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Boots
  • Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Agility
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Agility
  • Pattern: Warbear Harness
  • Pattern: Warbear Woolies
  • Pattern: Might of the Timbermaw
  • Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers
  • Pattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw
  • Pattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw

Complete quests for Furblogs in Winterspring side of the Timbermaw Hold/tunnel, and the Felwood side, then gather Deadwood Headdress Feather to quickly get exalted with this faction. It drops from furblogs in Felpaw Village.


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