Farming Cobra Scales in Shadowmoon Valley

Cobra Scales are a very rare leatherworking material found from cobras and snakes in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland.

They’re highly prized for making Stylin’ leather hats for transmogs.

You can make a few thousand in raw materials farming these, or trade them up with your leatherworking skills and craft expensive transmog items for sale.


You will need:

  • A skinner 
  • Flight form in Outland
  • Able to quickly kill level 70 in packs
  • Preferably also a miner or herbalist
  • Preferably a leatherworker alt
  • Preferably know how to jump realms with group finder

Head to Shadowmoon Valley by taking the portal to Hellfire Peninsula from your capital city (SW/Org) and flying south to Shadowmoon Valley in Outland.




Cobra Scale Prices 2015-2016

Cobra Scale Prices 2015-2016


Where to Get Cobra Scales

NOTE: Cobra Scales are not a drop!

They must be skinned from cobras and snakes that you have already looted.  You need to be a skinner to skin the cobras and serpents.

A skinning knife would be useful here unless you like getting cobra blood all over your claws/paws/hoofs/lovely new gauntlets.


Coilscar Cobras

There are 3 pairs of Coilscar Cobras up at Coilscar Point

Inside Coilscar Cave there are 8 pairs

Outside cave there are another 2 pairs.

Inside Coilscar Cave

Inside Coilscar Cave

Coilscar Cobras

Coilscar Cobras just chilling out, waiting to give you scales.

More cobras up at Coilscar Point

More cobras up at Coilscar Point


Entrance to Coilscar Cave


Shadow Serpents

These are along the north edge of Shadowmoon Valley.

Remember, in Outland, the edge really is an edge, don’t fall off!


Start North West of Altar of Sha’tar, and continue until you reach the edge of Black Temple.

The Shadow Serpents have a purpley mist around them, which makes them easier to spot. Without the mist, they might blend into the grey-green earth.

Shadow Serpent mist/aura

Shadow Serpent mist/aura

Shadow Serpent

Shadow Serpent



What else is nearby?

Herbalists: Nightmire vine and Felweed

Drops: Enraged Spirits of Air, drop motes of Air.  Primal Air sells for 150g each.

Ore: Fel iron ore and adamantite ore. Khorium ore if you’re lucky.

Coilscar Chests. Don’t waste your time with these they only drop trash. Throw the keys away.



The Full Cobra Scale Farming Route

Part 1

Into the Coilscar Cave, Do a quick route doing the 8 pairs of cobras within.

part 1

part 1

Part 2

Along the shelf of Shadowmoon Valley, searching for Shadow Serpents.

part 2

part 2

Part 3

Jump on a new realm with Group Finder tool or Cross Realm Assist addon. Fly back along the shelf of Shadowmoon, retracing your footsteps.

Go back into Coilscar Cave, and repeat

part 3

part 3


In 45 minutes I picked up

  • 8 Cobra Scales 2481g
  • 1 Essence of Air 44g
  • Sundered Chestpiece (transmog) 60g
  • Ironspine Gloves (transmog) 36g
  • Abyssal Plate Sabatons (transmog) 1222g
  • Clefthood Hidemantle (transmog) 68g
  • 1 Mote of Air 8g
  • 1 Shadow Draenite 2g
  • 3 Khorium Ore 285g
  • 6 Mote of Fire 58g
  • 9 Fel Iron Ore 38g
  • 134 Knothide Leather 197g
  • 81 Mote of Earth 55g
  • 11 Eternium Ore 72g
  • 74 Adamantite Ore 289g
  • 28g worth of greys

total worth of raw mats in 45 minutes 4943g.


Getting your Gold from your Cobra Scales

Crafting Stylin Adventure Hat, Crimson Hat, Stylin Jungle hat and Purple hat.

The true value of the Cobra Scales is in using them wisely

Each Stylin’ leather hat can fetch thousands of gold in profit.

You will need to invest a little gold in acquiring the other materials (dye, thread).  Primals can be farmed quickly at the Throne of the Elements in Outland (not Draenor), and knothide leather you will pick up naturally while farming and gathering the Cobra Scales needed.

You will also need to invest some time. As an expensive transmog item, do not expect your new hat(s) to sell quickly.  Expect them to take weeks, rather than hours.

2 are Mail headpieces, 2 are Leather headpieces.


I picked up 8 Cobra Scales.

That gave me enough to craft 1 of each hat, making a profit of 20,926g after the cost of other other mats.

Good luck with selling them. Try not to flood your Auction House.


twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Might I suggest keeping an eye out for a rare spawn out in that area…I don’t remember his name, but he’s a big rock dude. Anyways, he drops 3 different BOE blue t-MOG pieces that can be worth around 5k. He also has a chance to drop a 4th BOE plate blue tmog piece that is valued on my server of over 23k. It’s a much lower drop % than the other 3 which is probably why it’s worth much more.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Absolutely, Collidus the Warp Stalker (Walker? Watcher?) patrols the northern edge which is one reason why I fly up and down there as part of the farm.

      He has a few eye patch transmogs, one of which is the only plate one in game, so worth a small fortune.

  2. Matojo
    Matojo says:

    Eeexcellent. These are fairly rare on my server, I just have to get the patterns on my leatherworkers. >D

    They’re some of the most stylish models in the game – that’s why they’re Stylin’! (Okay, that was bad)

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I found the ‘what else drops here’ and the quietness of the zone quicker and more effective

  3. Carcoza
    Carcoza says:

    The Shadow Serpents share spawnpoints with the Scorchshell Pincers so if you plan to farm this area for a bit it is a good idea to kill both of them for more chances that the Serpents will spawn.

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