Farmer’s Broom Quick Flip Tip

The Farmer’s Broom is the name of two items.

Both of these are high value on the Auction House.

Grab a few Farmer’s Brooms and sell them on the AH for good gold.


Farmer’s Broom #1

You need

  • Level 6+
  • Get to Tirisfal
  • Any faction

Drops from Tirisfal Farmhand, a hostile-to-all level 5 human just north of the Forsaken (Undead) starting zone.

Farmer's Broom Tirisfal Farmhand

Tirisfal Farms – for farmhand. Click to enlarge.

Tirisfal Farmhand

Tirisfal Farmhand

Farmer’s Broom #2

You need

  • Level 90+
  • Warlords of Draenor
  • Alliance

Merchant Derrook

Sells Farmers Broom for 22c.

He also sells

  • Farmer’s Shovel (looks like the generic spade) 22c
  • Farmer’s Hoe (looks like the same hoe you used on Tiller’s Farm in Pandaria) 22c

If you want one for yourself, they are all staves, so if you can use a staff, you can equip all of these items, but don’t expect it to do much damage!

You can find Merchant Derrook, a male draenei NPC, just south of Elodar centre, “working” in the fields. Click to enlarge images.

Derrook's Fields

Derrook’s Fields

Merchant Derrook

Merchant Derrook

Farmer's Broom for sale

Farmer’s Broom for sale


How to sell Farmer’s Broom on the WoW Auction House

Selling is the most important part of this flip.

Any fool can farm, or buy from a vendor!

[button type=”icon” icon=”warning”] Warning: Do not post more than one on the Auction House at any time.  This will destroy the perceived rarity of this item.[/button]

Selling tips:

  • Don’t always have Farmer’s Broom for sale.  This increases its increased perceived rarity – how rare the buyer thinks the item is, and how much it’s worth.  This tip goes for all expensive things.
  • Don’t get cocky. Farmer’s Broom is not worth 10,000g.
  • Don’t give up, it’s current global value today is 110g.  Just because you bought it for 22c, remember to include in the price your travel time and your research time.  Don’t post it under 100g.
  • Use this in conjunction with all the other flips, and gold making methods.

Good Luck.




[button type=”icon” icon=”question”] What is flipping? Flipping means to buy low, sell high. You purchase one item or many, either in the Auction House or through trading direct to another player. Then you ‘flip’ that item around by putting it back where you bought it, but for a higher price, and earning gold from this work.[/button]

More terms explained here

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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    I managed to find a few and sold one for 2100g on my server 😉 (someone else placed it up for 12k but mine sold 🙂

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    A quick note: It appears the Tirisfal Farmers share a spawn with the farmhands. If you run out of farmhands, kill the farmers. Also the farmers drop linen cloth too which is still a great thing to sell bulks of for those leveling professionsn 😉

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