Falcosaur Pet Gold

The new falcosaurs in patch 7.1 give companion/battle pets, the opportunity to get a mount, and fun quests for a new reputation faction.

Wowhead guide to getting falcosaur pets

How to make gold from Falcosaur pets

Buy the falcosaur food from Dalaran vendors and post in singles on the auction house.

Each falcosaur has a special type of food that they respond to.
Bloodgazer Hatchling – Azsuna – Azsunian Grapes
Direbeak Hatchling – Stormheim – Pungent Vrykul Gamalost
Sharptalon Hatchling – Val’sharah – Dried Bilberries
Snowfeather Hatchling – Highmountain – Smoked Elderhorn

Unfortunately for gold makers, the pets (and mounts) aren’t BoE and can’t be sold, but you can sell portals to the cities needed in the quest lines.


Falcosaur Skinning Spree

On top of this, the Falcosaur world quest areas are the best in the game for skinning leather from beasts.

No more chasing around after players at Nesingwary’s, no more goat farming, no more mindless basilisk farming, no more bristlefur bears or pinerock stalkers.

screenshot_242 Just look at all that leather lying around!



Falcosaur Feathers

Also a great source of Wildfowl Eggs (cooking), pristine falcosaur feathers (first aid), and falcosaur eggs (cooking).


Hope you get plenty of leather, good luck.


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