Deepstone Oil

Deepstone Oil is made from Albino Cavefish by alchemists. You’ll find it listed with

Albino Cavefish are fished up in Deepholm, but due to the number of mobs near the western waters and marsh, I recommend fishing in Silvermarsh and Crimson Expanse in the east of Deepholm. Careful of the red mist.

I usually post deepstone oil in stacks of 8 on the AH, as a stack of 8 oil is one ingredient for the Vial of the Sands.  However, I got a letter today from an enterprising reader who had been trying the reverse tactic.

[quote] Hello Gold Queen,

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting gold lately, but here’s a little trick I found that works pretty well on my server. I buy deepstone oils in packs of 8 from the AH for 49g, and then resell them in trade for 15g each. A lot of people on my server seem to like these, and so I’ve made a few hundred gold in about 10 minutes.
Ben Stame, aka Damith, Borean Tundra US[/quote]

Ben’s customer will be the person who likes silly tricks, the sort of player who buys elixir of giants, savory deviate delight, potion of illusion and the gordok ogre suit.  This late in the expansion, players have more gold to spare, and will pay for a unique look.

Paying for a unique look is also the reason why some greens (low level uncommon armor) sell for transmogrification.  In a busy world of warcraft, players all want to look special.

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Do you sell Deepstone Oil in single stacks, or in stacks of 8?

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2 replies
  1. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    I found a great way to sell these. I had to use a bit of subtle advertising though.

    During the busy times of the day and on weekends, I would get on my biggest flying mount and use the deepstone oil to freeze myself right in front of the AH. Previously I would post a large amount of deepstone oil and pretty high prices.

    And in about 3 minutes without saying a thing in trade chat, I sold about 30 of them way over priced. Just a little trick to make money while you’ve got to go afk for a few minutes.

  2. Catherine Brody
    Catherine Brody says:

    I went to farm the albino cavefish, took a while to get even 11 of them…sent them to my alchemist and managed to proc a few so ended up wtih 16 deepstone oil, but as it turns out they sell for 37g for 8 of them on my server. Oh well, gold is gold either way, lets see if they sell =)

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